The arrest of a child for wetting herself is completely ridiculous, and I'm glad they dropped the charges. In reference to the dishwashing, from the article linked in the original post, it sounds like the girl's special education class had prepared a lunch. In that case, the dishwashing would have been a logical part of the preparation, cleaning up after themselves. As astonwest said, life skills are often part of special education programs, and that would include both the preparation of the lunch and the cleanup afterward. It may be that other students also had to wash dishes, or that each student was assigned a specific task related to the luncheon and it happened to be this girl's turn to wash the dishes. I've worked in special ed classes where things like this are routine, and the jobs are done on a rotating basis. She wasn't cleaning up after the entire school or anything, from the article; she was cleaning up after her classmates and teachers from her special education class.