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Thread: Gawker's Hall of Shame

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    wishes you happiness JennaGlatzer's Avatar
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    Gawker's Hall of Shame

    Gawker is starting a "Hall of Shame" for magazines and newspapers that don't pay their writers (or take a long time to pay up). So far they've mentioned New York Observer and The Player. See here for the posts:

    They're looking for tips. I've already sent them links to threads here about True Confessions, True Love, Hooters Magazine, Northern Cards, and Girl's Life. If you have others, send 'em over to Gawker (and please post about them here, too, to let other writers know about your experiences).
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    What happened to my LIFE?!
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    Such things are always welcome, most especially by non-fiction only writers. The more the merrier, I say, and a good and necessary complement to the work done by the 'publishing police' () over at
    B & BC, W B & P & E...

    I hope that Gawker maintain the effort, and certainly in the face of what might be possible legal pressure from the mentioned publications or publishers.

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    Just the one series, alas. Updating links: Hall of Shame Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, and some last words.

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