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Thread: Anderson Literary Agency (Giles Anderson)

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    Anderson Literary Agency (Giles Anderson)

    Has anyone had any personal experience with this agent? Thanks.

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    FYI, he started his own agency, the Anderson Literary Agency Inc. in New York.

    From his Publisher's Marketplace entry:

    "Giles Anderson began his publishing career at Bostonís Zephyr Press, a small publisher of Russian and Ukrainian literature in translation. In 1997 he joined Scott Waxman to found the Scott Waxman Agency Inc., and in September 2000, he left to form The Anderson Literary Agency Inc."

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Already know that

    Thanks, but I had already looked him up before querying, so I knew all that information.

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    This is what i found on

    Giles Anderson: $ A literary agent with The Anderson Literary Agency.

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    I think the link up there for his website is incorrect. That link leads to "Anderson Literary Management", headed by Kathleen Anderson and not Giles Anderson (of Anderson Literary Agency, which does get a little confusing).

    It doesn't seem he has his own website, but he does have a small page on Publishers Marketplace here and Lit Match here.
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