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Thread: Robert Lecker Agency (RLA)

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    banned as an incurable tosspot
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    Robert Lecker Agency (RLA)

    Does anyone have information on this Canadian agency? P&E lists $.

    I'm nervous about this agency because it doesn't say much about how long it's been open, etc. Sales appear to be limited.

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    The website looks nice, though I know that's not really an indicator. They list their authors, with links to separate author pages (I didn't see that any had their own websites, but I didn't go through all of them). Here's what I found on the first few authors:

    Joan Baxter, Canadian, three titles with Pottersfield Press, tiny Cdn press specialising in Maritime lit, by the looks of it. They gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Canada Council etc. and their submission guidelines are not readily available. They look legit but yr typical small Cdn press.

    Marley Brant, American, several past titles with Billboard Books, an imprint of Watson-Guptill, who are legit and largish and American as far as I know. Most recent title with them dated 2004. Don't know if Lecker had to do with it, though.

    George Case, Canadian, one 1997 title from Arsenal Pulp Press, a legit small Cdn press (they used to do the 3-day Novel Contest). I can't find any listings for his pictured bio of Jimmy Page, so don't know the publisher.

    Jay Jacobs, American? one musician bio published by ECW Press, a legit Cdn publisher, about middle-size; another by Hal Leonard, which I believe is legit and American.

    Jeff Kaliss, American, edited books on music history, apparently legit publishers, but 'new work' listed for him doesn't show up on a book search - also by Hal Leonard, though.

    Lee Lamothe, Canadian, most recent book published by Wiley 2006, others by HarperCollins 2001 and ECW Press 2003 (the last one is fiction)

    David Orrell, Canadian, book forthcoming from HarperCollins.

    Lawrence Osgood, Canadian, one fiction title from Goose Lane (used to be Fiddlehead) another legit small Cdn press.

    A couple of recent sales to large publishers. I'm not so sure why they'd bother with Arsenal Pulp or Goose Lane, which can't pay much of an advance and don't require submissions to be agented. I couldn't find Pottersfield's guidelines, but it's even smaller, so less likely to pay advances. ECW doesn't require an agent, either.
    RLA offer editorial services, which is usually a red flag, but that may depend whether those are separate from the agent side. I've heard that in the UK it's not unknown for legit agencies to do it that way, but no idea about Canada.

    Sorry, nothing conclusive. I'd lean more towards honest than scammer, and not clueless if they have sales to Penguin and HarperCollins. But I am not an authority.
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    banned as an incurable tosspot
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    Dec 2005
    Many thanks, batgirl.

    Their sales seem to be mostly to small Canadian publishers which tells me I'd be wasting my time sending a query. It's doubtful that what I write will find a market in Canada. I'm not putting down Canadian publishers, just being realistic and aware of what gets published here bu small presses. (I'm in Calgary.) I've queried a couple of the larger Canadian agencies with sub-agents in the UK and sales to the UK and US, so perhaps I'd better wait until I hear from them.

    None of the authors are known to me, which is strange because I know the names of several, so the small presses aren't doing much advertising for their authors. Also, as you say, the mention of editorial services raises a red flag. They'd be out of luck with me because the novel I thought of submitting has been edited. LOL I just wonder how much acceptance as a client depends on the bucks spent on their editorial services. Again, not being nasty, but still wondering.

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