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Thread: Ryan Colucci

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    Ryan Colucci

    Anyone know anything about Ryan Colucci? He e-mailed me also interested in Dave and Andrew, and claims to be a graduate from USC's Peter Stark Procuding Program, and to have strong ties with Disney, Artison, Sony, and Spyglass. Any info would be appreciated.

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    strong ties?

    I don't know anything about him, but if I were you I would want some specific details about what "strong ties" means.

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    Re: Ryan Colucci

    a quick google only came up with a few links. one was at a script site for an episode of simpsons he wrote (not sure if it was produced or just entered in a contest or something. didn't really pursue it. the other was a link on some actor's web page. apparently she was in something he wrote and directed, but i never heard of it. you could check him out on to see if that piece panned out.

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    Re: Ryan Colucci

    nothing on baseline... so no produced materials.

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    Re: Ryan Colucci

    He wanted to read my stuff too... said a logline on Hollywood Lit Sales caught his interest. I emailed him a question and when he responded, his name wan't Ryan Colucci, but Ryan Patrick. I haven't sent him anything. Seems kinda suspicious.

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    Re: Ryan Colucci

    Well I e-mailed him, and when he mailed me back he had my name all wrong...called me ben. and his release form was the exact same one from the screenwriter's bible. i know they are all basically generic but i have recieved three and each one is at least three pages, while his looked like it was thrown together.

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    Ryan Colucci/Ryan Patrick

    Same thing happened to me. Ryan Patrick saw my script posting, requested (via email) to see a copy. Claims to be part of the Peter Stark program, has strong ties at Disney, Sony, etc., etc. (also claims to play lacrosse).

    Anyone know anyone who could verify his name from admissions to the Stark Producers program at USC? The website doesn't list it.

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    Did ya'll?

    Just curious IWrite2 did you have your wga listing number up there? I didn't, because when just posting a logline on the net I do not see a reason for it.

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    Joshua Ehrenberg

    wga listing

    I never list the wga number any time I submit my script. The wga number is simply for legal evidence if ever a legal situation arrises. Otherwise, it's unnecessary. Everyone in "the business" assumes you've protected your own work and chances are they aren't about to take risks stealing your story when it's much more cost effective to simply pay you outright for the material.

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    "Ryan" seems to troll the world for scripts

    Same thing happened to me. "Ryan Colucci" asked for a copy of a script of mine, said he had the strong connections, etc etc. The release he sent me was rather odd, to say the least.
    Scriptwriter, South Africa.

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    The WGA number

    I always thought that the WGA number was suppossed to be displayed on the bottom of the title page. Does anyone know of any rule or guideline regarding having the number, or is just one of those things "amateurs" do that, well, smacks of amateurism?

    -Movie Maestro

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    Copyright and WGA info

    You do not put WGA or Copyright Information on the title page or anywhere on your screenplay.

    If you have professional screenwriting software, it basically puts the only info on the title page that you need.

    the title

    That is centered.

    In the lower right hand corner you'll have your name and all your contact information.

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    This guy really gets around - I received the same request for a script from him that I had listed at Hollywood Lit Sales. Since he used two different last names, I felt odd about the whole thing, and didn't send my script.

    BTW, what's up with Hollywood Literary Sales? I loved reading the daily script sales there, but now they won't list them because they need donations?! :money I thought the site was run by a bona fide production company?

    Also, the last script I listed there got no response, good or bad, from them.

    Are they, like most everybody else, just a scam?:cry

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    Re: ryan

    don't worry on the getting last script took them 2 months to reply too. also Escape Artists has a first look deal with them, they don't provide any financial aid to the site

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    Ryan Colucci

    This is very flattering

    I must say, I'm flattered a message thread was started about me.

    I am 'the' Ryan Patrick Colucci.

    Yes, Patrick is my middle name.

    Yes, I wrote a Simpson's Script that won a few contests - I was also 19 years old.

    Yes, I play lacrosse. Anaheim Storm practice roster. Hollywood Lacrosse Club ( among others...

    Yes, I used to work in development at Disney. I have not only good friends and close associates, but industry mentors, at Sony, Lion's Gate/Artisan, Original Film, Intermedia, Fox, Underground Films, Sommers Company, among many other production companies.

    Yes, I graduated from USC's Peter Stark Producing Program on Friday May 14th, 2004.

    You can call and ask about me. 213-740-3304.

    Yes, I am everywhere. Besides Hollywood Lit Sales and The Source, I have read the top students at NYU, FSU, USC, UCLA, and other schools looking for material. I do not, however, send emails to everyone. Just the loglines that catch my interest. Between that and all the other things I have going it takes about 4-6 weeks to get back to a writer. And out of the over 300 scripts I've read since the fall, I've optioned only 3.

    That is a release given to me by the VP of Business Affairs for Universal Studios. I use it to cover my own ass. I"m not stealing anyone's ideas. If I like your script, I'll talk to you further about optioning it. If you don't like what I have to say, I can deal with it and move on. If the release form is a point of contention for you than you're most likely not just an amateur but a hack and I'm glad I didn't have to waste my time reading your script - most likely in the wrong format with the copyright and WGA #'s printed in bold on the front and a complete bio of all your works attached.

    In either case, since my company has ties to the packaging department of a large agency, as well as formal submissions from agencies, I am no longer taking unsolicited submissions.

    Ryan Patrick Colucci

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    Re: Isn't the Internet cool!?

    This is the first time that I've seen a potential Urban Legend get nipped in the bud. I love the Internet!:snoopy

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    Re: This is very flattering

    I've only met Ryan in passing at a party but I can attest to the fact that he does exist and that he is who he is.


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