I got some spam from these guys today:

AuthorIdentity.com Newsletter
Author Identity Publishing

Hi Short Story Author,
Would you like to get your short story published?
Would you be interested in selling one of your stories to us?
We are a small, but very reputable publisher looking to buy short stories for a compilation coming out this holiday season.
This could be your chance to jump start your writing career.
If you are interested in submitting a story or just finding out additional information, please click on the following link www.authoridentity.com
Wishing you success in your writing career.

Author Identity
Yeah, right, for the holidays. Way late to be getting into the game if you mean the holidays coming up in about a month and a half. Holidays 2007, maybe.

Nothing I want more than success in my writing career, though. So I went over and took a look. What was the first thing I saw?

That being said we do require certain marketing efforts from our authors. Remember it’s your book, and you must want to help in its sales. If you are not willing or unable to do so WE ARE NOT THE PUBLISHER FOR YOU!

We require you supply us with five (5) local newspapers we will send a press release to. We also require you to find 25 people who are willing to purchase your book on its release. Most of our authors have reached out to friends and family, however, we never tell you who must buy your book. You must however, demonstrate you have the ability to sell 25 copies prior to the books release. Once this book is published, the marketing will continue to be a concentrated effort. We recommend you approach at least two local bookstores and present the book for them to sell. Again, if you are not willing or unable to do so WE ARE NOT THE PUBLISHER FOR YOU!
Yep, vanity press!

What else?

Question: Do I need an agent?
Answer: Not if you decide to submit your work here. We select our authors without being represented by agents, no matter how hard they sometimes try. There is not much an agent can do for most new authors, other than try to locate a publisher. If you have already signed up with an agent, tell them to contact us with your work, and we will gladly study their proposal. But it will be no different than when you contact us yourself.
Yeah, right, agents are trying to sell them short stories. Pull the other one -- it's got bells! (Agents, real ones, generally don't handle short fiction.)

Even better -- look what they have under "News":

Become a Best-Selling Author
Do you want to sell lots of your books and become a Best-Selling Author? Of course you do! This new strategy is quick and simple to use. They practically guarantee results of best-seller status. Check them out at: {URL deleted}
Hey, I can tell you how to sell lots of your books and become a best-selling author, and I'll tell you for free: Sell your book to Scribner's. Really. That's the strategy.

But do you know what I don't find on Author Identity's website? The title of a single book they've published. The name of their editor. Anything that would make these folks look like a legitimate press.