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Thread: Laura Langlie Agency

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    practical experience, FTW Shoeless's Avatar
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    I have to admit, I wasn't aware that some of the functionality on QueryTracker had shifted over to behind the paywall. I've been subscribing for years, so I hadn't actually checked to see what was part of the free account and was locked into the premium side.

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    Basically all you can do for free now, as far as the reports go, is look up any of the query-related reports, and only the "for all time" (so you can't look up data for only the last few months, for example). But it's still good for the comments section and the general info, which I think QT is very good about updating these days. I didn't feel as secure about their info and links the last time I was querying, years ago. It's just sad for me because the #1 thing I used QT for before was keeping track of partial/full response times.

    I have my own XL file to keep track of my queries and subs, so I haven't really bothered to see what's different as far as submitting info.
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    Thanks Sage! I will keep hope then.

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    I only use the free sections of QT anyway, so no loss for me. I have my own speadsheet for the rest.

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