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Thread: Since we're talking definitions here...

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    The Difference Between Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense

    A much-loved topic.

    Links below

    This is the place to discuss, debate, and link to pertinent articles.

    I found an interesting one on the difference between mystery and suspense. Of course, there's always Nathan Bransford's informative blog post on the subject, including the spot-on advice: "These labels slosh around a whole lot, so again, don't sweat them too much." A similar post from BookEnds.

    There is some good advice differentiating thrillers and suspense in the comments section of this Miss Snark post. Follow the links to this page, scroll a third of the way down (or whatever, I'm no math major) to Lit Tip: Thriller or Suspense?

    It says, in part, "You know you’ve written a suspense novel when: Your protagonist is in terrible personal danger and fighting for his or her life against disproportionately high odds. Suspense novels are breathless page-turners that focus more on a pivotal character, but often include high-stakes elements of thrillers."

    Here's a blog post on cozies, as well. And here on the MTS forum there are discussions on All Things Cozy, What makes a "cozy" mystery, and Cozies *without* recipes...

    I hope these are helpful. Anyone have any other links, thoughts, opinions? Please share!
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