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Thread: [eZine] Allegory

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    Question [eZine] Allegory

    I just sent a short story to Peridot (Now known as Allegory.) I did a search on this site & didn't see anything.

    Are they legit?

    Has anyone had problems with them?


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    Being an ezine (and/or paying non-pro rates) could limit the places accepting this as a writing credit. So could the editor/owner publishing his own work.

    Questions to consider for any online venue: Have you ever read it yourself? Do you hear folks talking about it or what they've read there? Do you recognize any of the authors? What do you expect it to do for you?
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    I had a story published by Peridot books last year. I received payment promptly.

    Ditto what CaoPax wrote (as in you should consider those questions).
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