Hey Everyone

First, a bit of background. Even though I live in a Canadian city chock-full of theatre activity, my first production took place several provinces away. It was only a ten-minute piece and the payment was low, so at first I had no intention of spending more than I was going to make to fly over and see it. But as the big day drew close, I couldn't stand the idea of not seeing the show - after all, what if this was the only thing I ever got on stage!?! So I paid my own way, was put up by some wondreful members of the company, and had a delightful time. Now I've received my first play commission by a company that can even afford to pay a playwright's airfare if they're out-of-town... which I am, because it's taking place in the same city as my first production!

Anyway, all of this has got me paying more and more attention to where I'm submitting things and, essentially, how I would get there if the script is accepted. Will the company cover the costs? Is it somewhere I can bus to? Fly to? And for how much?

I'm just wondering if you guys find yourselves paying attention to the travel aspect of submitting plays, or if you're more concerned with getting the thing produced, whether or not you'll be able to see it.

Any thoughts?