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Thread: Absolute Writer Sport Author "Press Releases"

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    Absolute Writer Sport Author "Press Releases"

    Not to be self-serving, or anything like that but I was wondering if we could do a "one hand washes the other " kind of thing on Absolute Write. For example, I have written a book that is currently available for presales on

    Last year, when my friend Weems Westfeldt published Brilliant Skiing, I queried Aspen Magazine about writing a review. The article opened the door to assignments with many other publications, which eventually resulted in a publishing contract.

    I'm thinking that if those of us who have written sport and fitness books post them here, we can be supplying story ideas for other writers.


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    You can be as self-serving as you like.

    Congrats Lisa. I hope it does well.
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    Lisa, do you think Aspen Magazine would be a good addition to the Markets & Guidelines sticky? They sound like a decent pub to work with. Would you recommend them, and if so, do you have any insights which might help other writers break in?



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