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Thread: ACW Press

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    ACW Press

    Was approached by ACW press to print my angel manuscript...

    I heard they were a self publisher for Christian books

    Any feedback, comments, opinions on this?

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    Re: ACW Press

    A self-publisher doesn't approach you to publish your book. If you publish your own book entirely on your own, that makes you a self-publisher.

    They are probably a vanity publisher. Weigh the pros and cons, the costs, and the potential benefits. Be honest, and then decide.

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    Re: ACW Press

    I suggest that if you are interested you request and estimate -- I anticpate that they will want you to pay them several thousand dollars. You can them compare their distribution, up-front fee and book cover-price with the competitors.

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    Thanks, special friend for my avi! AW's Treasured Chocolate Birthday Lady Susie's Avatar
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    Hi, all,

    I was curious about this press myself and went to google and found this when I typed in ACW Press. It is definitely a self-publishing press. From what I've seen of others, this isn't too high, but it is if you're on a fixed income.

    Self publish with ACW Press: Christian Self-Publishing

    Hope this helps you,

    Happy acceptances, Susie

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    Untold stories inside Ralyks's Avatar
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    Looking at their website, it doesn't sound like a good deal to me. You have to pay in advance for printing all of your books, and if you want distribution/fulfillment, you have to print at least 2,500 copies. You pay for the printing of your books UPFRONT (which will cost thousands of dollars), and they are printed and warehoused. Then, in addition to that upfront cost to print, you pay:

    (1) 1 cent per book per month for warehouse space
    (2) $10 per month to administer the account
    (3) $400 per year set-up fee (waved the first year for printings over 2,500)
    (4) 70 copies of your book (You have to pay to print 70 copies of your book which they keep and then give away free for promotion purposes) (So, about $280 for a 110 page book)

    Wow! This is adding up.

    They sell your book for you through online retailers and thier 1-800 number, giving you 35% of the retail price. Now, 45-55% of that goes to the end seller (i.e. Amazon, etc.) as a discount, but 10-20% of that they are keeping, on top of the $520+ they are charging you per year.

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    Your Genial Uncle Absolute Sage James D. Macdonald's Avatar
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    ACW stands for "American Christian Writers."

    We can publish your book for as little of $1,799.
    That's all you need to hear.


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