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Thread: Creative Script Services (Kathryn Knowlton)

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    Creative Script Services (Kathryn Knowlton)

    I noticed there was a pretty lengthy background check for "The Screenplay Agency". I was wondering if there was any such check on CSS or if anyone's had any dealings or heard anything about Kathryn Knowlton.

    She is listed in the Imdb with two executive producer credits for EYE FOR AN EYE and JACKNIFE, and there are interviews scattered throughout GOOGLE -- one with director Richard Donner. But in her current line of work, is she legit?


    Link to Creative Script Services site:
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    Her services may be legit, but there are some red flags on her website - including typos. Not very professional !

    An interesting offer.

    For example:
    If for any reason Ms. Knowlton feels that your material is not yet ready for the marketplace, unlike other services, CSS will teach you how to make your script better. Our feedback is constructive. We will provide you with 3-5 pages of general and specific suggestions on how to make your script more viable in today's marketplace.
    In other words - if your material is not ready for the market, then for $300, she'll provide exactly the same service as $60 script feedback services! Wow!

    If she does think that it is marketable, then she'll either attach herself as producer (which means you just paid hundreds of dollars to have someone who hasn't had a movie made in over a decade attach themselves to your project) or she'll take you on as a client.

    If you look at the business model, you soon see what the problem is. What is her best method of maximising her income? Work hard to sell a script or work hard to get more people to pay her $300 a pop ?

    If she can get 3 submissions a day, she can pass it on a $60 script service, pocket the remaining $240, and have a quarter of million dollars a year for no work.

    Yes - if she does get an enthusiastic response she could always put her heart behind that script. But even then she promises she won't refund your $300 until she gets the money for the sale !

    There is also a distinct lack of 'These are the list of sales that I've made since I started 'Creative Script Services'' ...

    Good luck,

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    I had a problem with this bunch last year. I should have known better. I paid the fee and submitted my script. I gave them about seven weeks, and then I called an attorney. I was told to establish a better paper trail. I did this. After that, then I got a string of excuses from a guy named Jeff. I received a treatment in an email and a phone call. In the phone message, Jeff told me he had returned my script with notes. Anyway, seven to eight hours later, he managed to send me the notes in an email. I never saw that copy of my script again. In the email, Jeff told me my screenplay was one of the best they had ever gotten. Of course, it confused him, and they would have wanted more money for another reading. It is confusing, if you have to hunt it down, read it in a hurry, and then have to put together notes!

    I can provide all of my documentation concerning this, if anyone needs to see it.

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    Site's gone, no further activity.

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