Okay, not exactly related to the writing business, but kind of close.

In case anyone out there doesn't know this yet, do not buy magazines from the kids who come door-to-door selling subscriptions. They'll get into this whole very charming spiel about how they're earning "points" to buy books for college, and they're there to learn better communication skills and be inspired by people in the community. But they're there to sell magazine subscriptions (that may or may not ever arrive) at inflated prices, NOT for any charity or college fund, but as a for-profit venture in an extremely seedy industry.

You are not helping these "sweet" kids by buying into their lies. You're perpetuating the problem. So don't feel at all guilty about saying no, closing the door, and calling the police to ask if the crew has a permit to solicit in the area.

The kids who just came to my door (all adorable wide-eyed smiles when trying to hook me, and abusive and cursing when I politely turned them down) were from American Community Services, Inc., but there are many such organizations that function like gangs and ensnare kids into a truly horrible lifestyle.

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