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Thread: More Hyphens: use with colors

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    Question More Hyphens: use with colors

    I read a rule somewhere that you should NOT use a hyphen when describing colors--pinkish purple, for example.

    What about these?
    intense orange?

    Have I hyphenated them properly?

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    Retired and loving it! Puma's Avatar
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    Words used as a SINGLE adjective before a noun are hyphenated - BUT - when these compound adjectives follow the noun they usually are not hypenated.

    In your example, I think all three of them are correct if they are preceding a noun. (But wouldn't necessarily be - The sunset was red orange. - would not be hypenated from the rule above.) In your third example (intense orange) intense is not part of the adjective, it's an adverb modifying orange.

    Hope this helps. Puma


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