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Thread: Address or Link for reporting reviews on Amazon?

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    Address or Link for reporting reviews on Amazon?

    I'm not sure if this is the right board to post this. But abuse of the Amazon reader review system comes up a lot in Bewares (is that blasted Amazon slammer still on the loose?), so I thought I'd ask...

    I know you can report a bad review just by clicking "Report Here," but often, nothing happens because there is no way to tell them why you are reporting the review. Is there a URL or e-mail address for more specific complaints? (For example, to report trolls, or to report reviews that give away major spoilers. )
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    Found this buried in their help section:
    We do exert some editorial control over our reviews. Profane or spurious comments are promptly removed. Our intention is to make the review forum a place for commentary and feedback, so discussions that fall out of this broad parameter are removed from the Web site. If you feel that a customer review falls outside of our guidelines, please contact us at

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    I used the email addy once. The review I reported was gone within a couple of hours.

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    The form on the page goes to the same address, so to speak.

    All of these are checked by living humans; the more specific the complaint is, while being succint, the more likely it will be responded to favorably.

    Keep it short, sweetly polite, and very very specific.

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