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Thread: Anyone have some info on these publishers?

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    Arrow Anyone have some info on these publishers?

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone has heard of or had dealings with these publishers listed below? They are listed in the 2006 Writer's market but have no presence on P&E. I'm especially interested in Ambassador Books and Diamond Eyes Publishing, because I made a submission to them (unfortunately, without checking P&E first).

    Company name
    ambassador books
    Darby Creek Publishing
    front street
    journey stone creations
    journey forth
    Koenisha Publications
    Kregel Publications
    Ravenhawk books
    James Rock and Co Publishers
    Underground Who Chapbook Press
    Lobster Press
    Orca Book Publishers
    bancroft press
    barbican books
    Diamond Eyes Publishing
    PulpLit Publishing
    Strider Nolan Publishing Inc
    Top publications, Ltd

    Any remarks will be appreciated. If anyone needs an address for any of these companies, to make a positive ID of some kind, please let me know and I'll post the address listed in Writer's Market. Thank you!


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    You can get information on at least a few of these companies in existing threads (Ambassador, for one, I think Orca too but don't quote me on that). Did you check the index thread?

    It's standard to have one thread per company, too -- makes it easier to sort or something.

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    Please check the index for publishers who are already being discussed. Start individual threads for the rest.


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