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Thread: [Display site] TV Writers Vault / /

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    Philly Phanatic K-Mark's Avatar
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    [Display site] TV Writers Vault / /

    Anyone ever use this site to post your work? Or anything similar? Are they worth it or worthless? Or is the best way to go still the good old query.

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    practical experience, FTW
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    Quote Originally Posted by K-Mark
    Anyone ever use this site to post your work? Or anything similar? Are they worth it or worthless? Or is the best way to go still the good old query.
    I'm not all that into writing for television (although like everyone I've done my share) so don't know this service. In features there's a guy who lists specs for $30 or so for six months and produces a report each month that goes out to some 5,000 people in the industry. I've seen this report in use by producers. They refer to it, look through it for material. This deal has a name too but I forget it at the moment. It's not a bad way to go for a spec writer. There have been sales off this listing.

    But television seems to me like a situation where such a list wouldn't be near as useful to producers. They know who the writers are around town, they invite guys in to do stuff on contract, or create a writing staff; I don't think they go shopping at (that's a joke).

    I suppose such a list or site might be an appropriate venue for showing samples of your wares. But for sales I think ya gottta have an agent knocking on doors for you all day. My TV writing came through people I know that work in that trade, personal connections, although I threw a few out there too, like everyone else.

    So, I dunno, maybe I'll go have a look and report back? I do know this, Larry Brody runs just about the best website for television writers that I know of ... at, great guy, great site with good resources, and they have a message board. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that the site you mention is Larry's brainchild. He does run a protection service for literary works, kind of a private copyright deal, so he's into a lot of aspects.

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    I won't go so far to say that they are 100% scam, but ...

    I've definitely got them in my 'companies to AVOID' file.

    My reasons:
    (1) It is just a rebrand of the old '' which was slammed for fleecing newbies out of money while having no industry credibility. (It's the same people running it)

    (2) They've used unethical marketing techniques in the past, by appearing on writer message boards pretending to have just discovered their own site.

    For example:

    Hi Guys-

    Found two places online that are used by some top companies scouting new concepts for reality shows to produce. and

    They both seem to have to good "how to" advice, as well as insider perspecitve [sic] on protecting your ideas and getting them to market.

    Yes - that's the same Joseph Manville who runs the site !
    (They were a bit more honest in other message board ads)

    I brought this claim up in a message board discussion with Joseph Manville and he didn't refute it, so I think I can safely assume it is true.

    (3) A TV producer with several series under his belt looked at the site and said:

    I've never used services like this and I don't personally know of any execs who ever use it.
    This is one of the few industries where the sheep fight for position to be fleeced.
    Use your own judgement ...

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    Philly Phanatic K-Mark's Avatar
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    Guys, thanks for the feedback. I'll put it to good use. GWG, as far as the Larry Brody site, I checked it out. It's a good site.

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    TAVV Inc

    Real Deal

    Hi Guys-

    I'm a fan of absolute write, and love the free forum, but when it comes to scrutinizing another's business, you should have caution.

    We are a fully legitimate company with over 70 production and network entities that use our service regularly to scout new concepts and material for development in the television industry. My background is almost a decade long as a director of development and co-producer for large firms. I started Tell-A-Vision Ventures, Inc. as an alternative method for producers and execs to find new talent and projects. We keep very close ties with the companies using our service, and take a lot of pride in what we've created for writers who previously had no access to buyers, or any method of protection when submitting any material.

    To date, the TV Writers Vault has had 5 projects sold directly to Executive Producers by new writers that were outside of the industry, as well as hundreds of others who made contact and now have those buyers to pitch to directly. Take a read at the testimonials and articles written, and know that we've helped a lot of people. We give professional advice on development, as well as legal referral when a writer interfaces with producers on any deal. To the benefit of the writers, we take no financial participation in any sale.

    I can't understand the frustrations of a struggling writer who has ill feelings toward us, when this industry is by nature subjective, with any success being a long-shot. Try making a difference in getting results for writers as we do every day, and cease the defamation of a good service.

    If you care to speak directly, contact me at 310-281-1158.

    Respectfully Yours,

    Scott Manville
    Tell A Vision Ventures, Inc.
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    practical experience, FTW
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    Huh? I'm getting confused. Scott Manville? Joseph Manville? Dollar options? Mega bucks? Ahhhhhh head explodes.

    I'm not doubting your veracity but does your claim that people submitting via you have no other method of protecting their work really stand up? The WGA and Library of Congress may have something to say about that.

    I haven't visited your website but presume it lists the sales you have made which is therefore conclusive proof that your organisation works and is not just another means of scamming wannabe writers out of cash?


    'Sall the fuss about?

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    practical experience, FTW Joe Unidos's Avatar
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    Interesting site. I have no judgment to make, but I am curious. I am assuming that none of the five sales that the site has facilitated have ever actually aired (it's a safe bet that that would be most prominent among your claims) but I wonder if any of the five has ever been sold to a network. I am also most curious if any of the five sales was to a production company that itself had ever had anything air?

    Again, no judgment. Just curiosity. (And, having rebutted the claim and thrown around the "d word," I am under no illusion that you will ever have a second post, but on the off-chance, I figured I'd ask.)

    PS: The links to the websites of the major networks at the bottom of the main page is a nice touch. Really gives it that "plugged in to the Biz" feel.
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    I'm moving this thread to Bewares and Background Check forum where it probably belongs. Note that this does not imply that the company is not legit -- B&BC is simply a central forum where questions are asked, company or agency credentials are hopefully verified, and potential customers' minds put at rest.

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    TV Writers Vault (merged into BR&BC thread)

    A week or so ago, I posted a synopsis of my first novel at, which is supposed to be able put it before TV production companies for review. I really didn't expect much to come of it; it seems to much like a scam, but it didn't cost much to list my novel and synopsis. I just got a notification today however that a TV production company had expressed and interest and was reviewing the synopsis.

    Does anyone know anything about these people? Have you had any experience dealing with them. Are they legitimate, etc., etc., etc. Naturally I'd like get my novel taken up for a made-for-TV movie, but I'm afraid to get too excited about it.

    Can any one give me any advice?

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    Here's are some links where it has been discussed before:


    The owner of commented on the thread but didn't refute a single claim.

    Very sad.


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    There was another thread in this board which discussed it. I was looking into it just last week, and the reviews weren't too good.

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    TV Writers Vault - Look out!

    As a former customer of the TV Writers Vault, I can tell you that I am NOT a fan. In fact, I'm very unhappy with the service and disgusted with Scott Manville for a number of reasons, having to do with that proof-of-creation business the site claims they give you, Manville's conduct with me when I was having problems, and the long amount of time I've had to waste dealing with him and his website. And that's not even the half of it.. I also wish Scott Manville would get that testimonial I wrote about his service off his website, because from what I've seen on another page is that he talks about his testimonials to advertise. All I can say to anyone who still chooses to use that service, is that if he e-mails you repeatedly pointing out that testimonials section and trying to get you to write one, be smart.

    By the way, TV Writer's Vault is Scott Manville's site. The guy who’s been caught trying to deceive everyone into believing that he's a customer of the TV Writer's Vault or at least not involved in running it like some random person approving of the site. Other people are noticing it too. (like here: here and here too ) All I can say is illegally pretending to be a customer to attract people should make anyone think twice about purchasing a membership off that service.

    I went around the internet and found a lot of other stuff that Scott Manville is not supposed to be doing as well. For instance, on wikihow, there's a user known as Smanville. Here is his edit history, ,
    and just about all of his contributions are about TV Writers Vault. Look at just some of his contributions here ( ) and here ( )

    Right here,, he's even been told several times not to be putting those TV Writers Vault links and recommendations all over and to stop advertising his business.

    That's not all. Seems like he's been in other places inappropriately advertising as he's been told things like the following:
    Please do not add inappropriate external links to Wikipedia. Wikipedia is not a mere directory of links nor should it be used for advertising or promotion. Inappropriate links include (but are not limited to) links to personal web sites, links to web sites with which you are affiliated, and links that exist to attract visitors to a web site or promote a product. See the external links guideline and spam policies for further explanations of links that are considered appropriate. If you feel the link should be added to the article, then please discuss it on the article's talk page rather than re-adding it. See the welcome page to learn more about Wikipedia. Thank you. -Will Beback † 21:06, 18 November 2006 (UTC)
    (found here, where you'll see people getting on his case about what he’s doing and someone even gets on his case about creating a page where he advertises it even more : )

    There are other instances where it looks as if he’s illegally pretending to be a customer or at least some random person who has nothing to do with his business just HAPPENING to approve of it, such as when he writes, "Many writers will seek electronic proof-of-creation for their developed ideas using the [ Writers Guild], or [] online registries. " (Found here: 2)


    when he writes, "Screenwriters may use a Treatment to initially pitch a screenplay, but may also use a treatment to sell a concept they are pitching without a completed screenplay. One place to submit treatments for consideration by the film industry is [ '''The Screen Writers Vault''']." (found here: 254207)

    By the way, Creator’s Vault is just another site that has to do with his TV Writers Vault website. Seems he's been doing the same things with that part of his site as well, like here: 8282 .

    But hey, don't take my word for it. I am not seeing any good reviews on here or anywhere else about TV Writers Vault from people other than Manville himself. But even If there is someone praising the site, how can you really trust it when he's going around pretending to be approving customers? Oh well, guess you writers could always try Jerrol LeBaron's service. I'm only hearing good things about that.

    (IMPORTANT NOTE: It should be noted that I publicized Scott Manville's wrongful behaviors on this page back in the beginning of August 2007. Since then, Scott Manville has added a bunch of new contributions that he's not supposed to about TV Writers Vault, but NOW done in subtle and sneaky ways. For instance, he made this contribution on August 30th to wikihow: and here . In my opinion, it's subtle because he's still adding TV Writers Vault links below, but he's also adding a lot of helpful tips around it that could throw a person off the fact that he's adding the TV Writers Vault links. Not only that, but he's also writing a bunch of comments like, 'see links below' all over the pages, so he doesn't have to keep advertising his service and call attention to his wrongful behavior. What angers me the most are all those helpful tips that have nothing to do with the TV Writers Vault around it, that nearly threw me off and had me thinking 'wow, he's FINALLY stopped adding those TV Writers Vault links that he was told to stop several times.' In my opinion, he's trying to cover up his wrongful behaviors and has become sneaky )

    By the way, if you think he doesn't know he's not supposed to be adding those types of contributions, he was told, back in June of 2007, 'By the way, please stop advertising your business on wikiHow. I see you have added links to you business here several times. That is probably why your enemy decided to target you here', and then responded to that comment (FOUND HERE: )
    Last edited by The_Man; 09-24-2007 at 07:51 AM. Reason: Noting that Scott Manville has added new contributions to wikihow that could cover up his behaviors and make me appear wrong

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    One last thing I forgot to add is someone above told everyone that TV Writers Vault is just a rebrand of the old '' which was slammed for fleecing newbies out of money while having no industry credibility and how it was the same people running it. As you can see, Scott Manville came here boasting about his site and NEVER once refuted that claim up above, so that pretty much gave us our answer about that. Also, seems Scott Manville has never bothered to explain himself, or at least has never been able to explain himself after someone questions him about all of his deceptiveness, because well over a year has gone by without an explanation or even a reply from him. Being that he visited another message board boasting about his service and letting people know he'd be happy to answer any questions, we had every reason to think he'd give us explanations for the deceptive and illegal stuff we have every reason to believe he's done with regard to the TV Writers Vault. However, the very next day, someone asks for an explanation and well over a year has gone by without even a reply from Scott Manville. Take a look for yourself: (found here:

    ---------------------Here's where Scott claims he'd be willing to answer any questions which at least up until now (well over a year later) seems to be a false comment We understand people's scrutiny, but are very proud to have helped hundreds of new and established writers, as well as producers. We're happy to address any questions from the board. Have a great holiday. Scott ManvilleFounder - The Television Writers

    ------------End of Scott's quot

    --------------Start of questioner's quote

    Hi Scott,
    I'm glad you are happy to address any questions from the board. One of my concerns I've already mentioned - but you haven't responded to it.

    The site was promoted using what looked like illegal 'pretend to be a satisfied/interested customer' testimonials.

    Some of the blatantly fake pretend posts included:
    (1) Posted by 'S' Ref:

    In case the link doesn't work, here is the text:

    >Hi All-
    >Looks like the TV Writers Vault has some
    >interesting things going on. You can pitch any
    >format of TV show, scripted or unscripted. Or if
    >you're a producer you can apply for free
    >membership to scout projects. Haven't seen
    >anything like this one before, and it looks like
    >they've got some major companies behind them.
    >Worth a look.

    The message directly underneath that one is another ad posted by the same user - but this is more obviously an advertisement rather than a fake 'enthusiastic customer'.

    Another example is:
    (2) Posted by 'Scott M'
    >Hi Guys-
    >Found two places online that are used by some
    >top companies scouting new concepts for reality
    >shows to produce.
    >They both seem to have to good "how to" advice,
    >as well as insider perspecitve (sic) on
    >protecting your ideas and getting them to

    And in case you thought it was possible that it just happened to be an honest enthusiastic user with the same name as one of the company founders, just like before, the same login name & writing style was used to promote some more traditional looking advertisements.


    And, in case you are wondering, it is ILLEGAL in the USA to market websites like this. You can NOT imply "I found this cool site" when, in fact, you are not just an enthusiast who found the cool site. If you don't believe me, just research FTC findings against 'Georgetown Publishing'.

    Even if the promoters of your site didn't know that it was illegal (in which case they probably shouldn't be marketing a website, since they are unaware about the laws governing marketing !) they MUST have known that it was misleading.

    And if they have been misleading me in their marketing, how can I be sure that they haven't been misleading the users of the site about anything else ?

    "Of the 897 forms of lying, only one is expressly forbidden - bearing false witness
    against your neighbour." - Mark Twain
    --------------------End of questioner's quote
    Last edited by The_Man; 08-05-2007 at 07:12 AM.

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    Your Genial Uncle Absolute Sage James D. Macdonald's Avatar
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    YADS advertised by sockpuppets?

    Is that about the shape of it?

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    BTW, in the interest of full disclosure, the quote that 'The_Man' just gave is from a post of mine over on Larry Brody's message board.
    (Larry Brody has an incredibly long resume of TV writing. I'm apparently approaching that record with conversations on messageboards.)

    Scott - I'd be happy to communicate with you about this. I've posted replies whenever I've come across you asking people to communicate with you.

    I have nothing much to add over what I've already asked here - so my questions still stand.

    I still hope to have answers.

    Good luck,

    (PS: On the 'Joseph' .v. 'Scott' confusion: I always assume that Josesph & Scott were family members working together. 'Joseph Manville' is listed as the co-founder on early press releases.)
    Last edited by Mac H.; 08-02-2007 at 05:22 AM.

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    (Quote on sockpuppetry from : In current usage, the term has been extended beyond second identities of people who already post in a forum to include other uses of misleading online identities. For example, a recent NY Times article defines "sock-puppeting" as "the act of creating a fake online identity to praise, defend or create the illusion of support for one’s self, allies or company."[2] )

    Yep, certainly sounds similar to what Scott Manville has been doing if not exactly that. Also, Scott Manville writes up above: To date, the TV Writers Vault has had 5 projects sold directly to Executive Producers by new writers that were outside of the industry, as well as hundreds of others who made contact and now have those buyers to pitch to directly. (end of quote)

    Outside of what industry? because certainly you can't mean the entertainment industry, where all that stuff goes on, because I've found many sources, one of which is a page on your own website, that suggests otherwise. One of the two people (Timothy Centner & Jon Stewart) that you claim got projects sold directly was already in the entertainment industry, because Jon Alan Stewart was quoted on your site as stating the following:

    --------------Beginning of quote:
    I've been a professional wrestler for 20 years (on and off) and because of that occupation, have always dealt with TV people; agents, producers, etc. of all shapes and sizes. With that being said, I always knew that TV people are always looking for hot ideas for TV shows, and I knew that if a person can squeeze through the door with a great pitch....they might be able to sell it.
    -------End of quote (found here:

    And 2 people (one of which was already in the entertainment industry) out of over a thousand isn't impressive at all, IF that's even true and there's no shady behavior going on with all of that like there was in the way you've been advertising. By the way, my source for over a thousand members using that service is from one where Scott Manville is even being interviewed. One of the last sentences reads: With more than 20 leading production companies in the fold, and over a thousand professional and aspiring writers already using the service, Manville’s bet may very well pay off in the near future. (found here: )

    And after a lot of looking, I still haven't even found any place where it says those 2 or anyone from the TV Writer's Vault has had a show that's aired on television.

    Also, just to clear it up for everyone, his full name is Joseph Scott Manville so it's not two people who have been caught doing all that deceptive stuff. Just one person (the one who owns the website). Anyway, good luck on getting him to try to explain himself. Though I wouldn't count on anything since there's really no good excuse for deceptive behavior, especially when it relates to business and trying to make money off of people.

    PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD, TO GET RID OF THE TV WRITERS VAULT SITE. It bothers me to think some guy is running around with other people's hard earned money in their pockets because he got them into believing in what I think, from my own experiences and knowledge of the site, is the biggest load of bullcrap ever, which is: people's ideas have a good chance of being bought and put on television through some little website that comes with a fee for participation.

    I recommend that people keep their ideas to themselves until you find someone you truly trust in to tell them to. I strongly believe an idea of mine was stolen through the TV Writers Vault because I found a lot of dots that connected and as you can tell by all the information above, I do my research and I find a lot of information. I truly wish I had never given up my idea that I worked over a year on, over to the TV Writer's Vault. I was naive. Ugh, and then when I tried to explain what had happened to Scott Manville. Ugh! To say the least, I found Scott Manville's behavior to be COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY rude, unhelpful, selfish, and disgusting. Something else that I believe strengthens my claim is pretty interesting. Manville erased this passage from wikihow on September 1st: . (It's simply a passage stating how ideas can get stolen if given away and how its not easy to prove it was stolen) It was reverted by a user of wikihow a couple days later.

    Thank you!
    Last edited by The_Man; 10-13-2007 at 10:31 AM.

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    Also, someone at this link, (where more people have a say about TV Writers Vault) told everyone that TV Writers Vault is just a rebrand of the old '' which was slammed for fleecing newbies out of money while having no industry credibility and how it was the same people running it. Scott Manville came to this website boasting about the TV Writers Vault, NEVER once refuting that claim, so that pretty much gave us our answers about that. Also, seems Scott Manville has never bothered to explain himself, or at least has never been able to explain himself after someone questions him about all of his deceptiveness, because over a year has gone by without an explanation or even a reply from him. Being that he visited another message board, boasting about his service and letting people know he'd be happy to answer any questions, we had every reason to think he'd give us explanations for the deceptive and illegal stuff we have every reason to believe he's done with regard to TV Writers Vault. However, the very next day, someone asks for an explanation and well over a year has gone by without even a reply from Joseph Scott Manville. Take a look for yourself: (found here:
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    The Television Writers Vault

    Just when I thought I had enough reasons on why to STAY AWAY from the TV Writers Vault and Scott Manville, I found yet another one over the internet that I believe makes for an excellent reason. Now when I used TV Writers Vault last year, I tried saving my work under proof of creation with them. Scott Manville (site's owner / I frown whenever I see that name ) recommended I get my idea protected with them before I started. Anyway, I copy and pasted my idea down and then pushed the only button, on the screen, to submit it. However, the link looked like it wasn't working. I mean, when nothing happens on the page (nothing moves, no sound, no alteration whatsoever), one can only think the links not working. It was the only button on the screen and I would just keep pressing it over and over and nothing would happen. I waited and waited. And it wasn't like I went there once. I went there a lot of times and the same thing kept happening. Anyway, I just figured, 'maybe the link just doesn't have a reaction when you click on it, but the idea is in there.' However, that turned out to be false. On the TV Writer's Vault, I read that it says something like how customers who submit ideas under their proof of creation, will be provided something by the TV Writer's Vault that will help prove you created it. Well, I never received ANYTHING from TV Writers Vault and Scott Manville. And when I went there and complained about my issues with their proof of creation, I didn't get anything! Well... I did get the next several months of my life in a nightmare, dealing with Scott Manville. However, after months and months of bickering with a person, you just have to give up, because some people just don't care and are only interested in money.

    Anyway, if you don't trust me, I think this could further back up my comment that, the link, I clicked on, DID NOT work, after I clicked, then waited forever, clicked, then waited forever, clicked, then waited forever over and over. The other day, I was looking down a long list of comments made by people, who had their own suspicions about TV Writer's Vault, and found this:

    (start of quote)
    Would you use a place that has only two working links within its site, both of which are places where you register to join? (And pay $29.95 for one project for 2 months. One project for two months of what?)
    The button bar on the left, which lists headings like Company Info, Enter the Vault, Writer Resources, Creating for Television, Strategic Resources, Industry News, Industry Links, and TV Writing Fellowships didn't work when I clicked on it, and I'm damned if I'm going to hang at a site that calls itself "The Television Industry's Project Database" without knowing by what right they call themselves that and who the hell they are.
    If I'm not making sense, let me know.
    Bro A.
    (end of quote) Found here:

    Call me crazy, but if someone else went there, at one point in time, and was having trouble with links not working, then I certainly believe that I wasn't going through a disorder that day, that makes people believe they're clicking on mice, when they're actually not clicking on anything.

    Also, other people along with my self, have found various places on the internet where Scott Manville has even used deceptive advertising techniques, such as pretending to be a customer of TV Writers Vault, then talking about how wonderful the site is, which is illegal; Someone even said he was fleecing customers out of money on an original website ('s_the_deal$.htm ) or something, before the TV writers Vault that Manville also owned!

    Scott Manville actually showed up on the pages, in which, these complaints were made and commented. He wrote his name down and everything, and never once refuted any of those claims. I think he went there and commented because those websites show up DIRECTLY underneath his website, TV Writers Vault, when you google it. I think the reason he commented was because, under the titles of everything when you google it, is a small passage from each website. For instance (if you google Everybody Hates Chris, here's one of the links):

    Everybody Hates Chris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Everybody Hates Chris is an American sitcom on The CW Television Network. It is inspired by the teenage experiences of comedian Chris Rock (who narrates the ...

    Now, if everything written down in the passage, about the subejct is negative, something negative will obviously show up under the title. And guess what? No one wrote anything positive down about the TV Writers Vault. HOWEVER, Scott Manville went there and talked up the website. Now, if you google TV Writer's Vault, there's an Absolute Write Link. The link is actually a review of TV Writer's Vault. No one had anything positive to say about the site in their comments, except for Scott Manville (site's owner) who advertised it and now part of his comment is all that shows up under the title. Here it is:

    TV Writers Vault - Absolute Write Water Cooler
    To date, the TV Writers Vault has had 5 projects sold directly to Executive Producers by new writers that were outside of the industry, as well as hundreds ...

    I might be wrong but that's why I think he commented. After all, he only commented once and didn't answer or address any of the questions or complaints made to him about the site and it was kind of a long time ago. I hate that people who google TV Writer's Vault, will think that it's another link advertising TV Writer's Vault instead of seeing what it's really about and how the owner has blatantly ignored answering questions in a public forum.

    It's funny how sites, that are critical of TV Writers Vault, keep getting covered up or moved to the 2nd pages (other than the front page) when you google TV Writers Vault, and sometimes even deleted. Somehow, although the critical reviews make it to the front page, they are removed with nonsense links a little bit later. WHO COULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT? I WONDER. A new critical review will make it to the first page for only about 1 or 2 weeks, and somehow gets moved to 2nd or 3rd pages, deleted, or the passage changes to make it seem different than what it is. HMMM! NOW WHO COULD THIS BE THAT'S BEHIND ALL THIS? And, they usually get moved for comments that advertise the TV Writers Vault. (Note Scott Manville seems to be the main one advertising the site as shown by his Wikihow history. / Try to look at the user's contributins BEFORE the 30th of August, before I let the publicized that he was actually the one recommending the site to people | since I publicized it, his contributions haven't been recommendations to the TV Writers Vault, perhaps to make me look erroneous ) So, Hmmm, I wonder, who could be responsible for these critical reviews somehow getting removed to 2nd and 3rd pages, covered up with compliments about the site, and even in some cases getting deleted? The same person who only commented once, ONLY TO COMPLIMENT HIS SITE, and never came back to address any of the complaints and then that COMPLIMENT shows up when you google the site.[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana][FONT='Times New Roman']I mean, these critical reviews that will help people make decisions as to whether or not they want to use that site are getting removed for stuff that doesn't even have anything to do with the site. I mean, open this link:

    Urban Dictionary: TV Writers Vault
    Argentinian musician (saxo player), entertainer, writer, and tv host of "Duro de Domar" Tv show, one of the most importants of Argentina. ...

    ( That Urban dictionary link is one of the sites that replaced a critical review that came up on the 1st page when you google TV Writers Vault. Just in case this changes in the future because so many deceptive things seem to be going on with regards to this, this link has been coming up for awhile now AS OF SEPTEMBER 12th, 2007 (front page here: ) . I'm not sure if Scott Manville will try to get rid of it in order to make this whole passage look erroneous and foolish in the future. )

    Now, don't get me wrong! I think it should be fair. There should be both critical reviews and positive reviews on his front page. However, all the reviews are positive and most of them are advertisements and none of them are reviews from people who have had involvement with the site. I DO NOT think that is fair and will help people make an informed decision. Another thing is, I think the fact that, if people do read the critical reviews and learn that Scott Manville HAS pretended to be a customer of his own site, talking about how great it is, that people won't be able to trust the good reviews. On top of that, I haven't seen any good reviews on the site anyway other than Scott Manville talking about it himself. So I guess the story here is that, his argument might be that there really wouldn't be any positive reviews or believable ones anyway.

    Thank you!
    Last edited by The_Man; 10-09-2007 at 12:51 AM.

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    ****Tvwritersvault & Screenwritersvault RIP OFF****

    First i don't know if this is the right place to write this but if the moderator thinks it needs moving ..please do.Tv writer's Vault is a definite rip off. They talk big but after getting billed, they turn out to be some creative "polishing" service if you understand. They will send you emails on and off about how you need to get your treatment written by a pro so that it gets noticed. Meanwhile you might feel ecstatic at first as in the first week you will get one or two Movie companies review your project but this is another rip off. First of all, there is nothing to make you think that they are even looking but all points out to the fact that the site owners are just putting the review themselves using fancy company names to keep you a member as long as possible while trying to sell you their service. I noticed that every month, the same company reviewed my treatment without uttering any word to me by email and yet i get tons of emails from the vault still about using their service for 400$.They also bill you each month automatically, even if you write to them about cancellation. I had to declare my card stolen so that they would stop and got another card. Going to the bank to advise of this mini scam might not turn to your advantage since they can still get one more payment out of your card before the bank annuls the deal(goes under dispute and that is a long conversation.)They have another site for scripts (when it is working) .All a big rip off as well even though it is cheaper. So Stay away now that you know.

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    There were a couple of other threads about this company some time back. You can do a search and find them. As I recall, there wasn't too many happy users of the services offered.

    The president of the company posted as well, I think.

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    With all due respect to those involved, it's hard enough to find writer success with an agent from CAA - let alone a service like this.

    It's difficult to feel sympathy for those who buy into this sort of thing. You'd be just as wise to use your money to help that Nigerian Prince who keeps e-mailing you.

    Truth be told - if you're very very lucky - that $400 investment will get you a $1 option on your script that will never come to fruition.

    If you pay for some sort of entree into the business, I predict you'll end up with nothing more than regret.

    There are no short cuts.

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    Smile Official Response from TV Writers Vault

    "Your Service [The TV Writers Vault] is a very valuable asset for anyone involved in programming or production"
    Mr. Paul Gilbert
    Senior Vice President, International Formats
    CBS Studios International


    Hi Guys-

    I'm Scott Manville, and I run the TV Writers Vault which is the subject of this thread and a bit of heated scrutiny in this forum.

    I did post my position on the issues of legitimacy, a while back, further up in the thread, but I feel compelled to paint the picture in very simple terms.

    We are an extremely active database and sourcing tool that is currently used by over 220 top Production Companies and Networks. In the past 2 weeks alone we have had over 400 projects receive official reviews by producers, and 14 writers receiving direct contact with executives interested in pursuing their projects. We've had many option deals won, and hundreds of writers make contact with producers, and a few who have had pilots produced. We even had the wife of a rock star pitching a slate of projects, and ultimately getting a producing deal through us.

    Here's a partial list of some of the companies currently using the TV Writers Vault to discover new talent and projects:

    20th Century Fox TV
    ABC Studios
    Alchemy TV
    CBS Films
    CBS/Paramount Network Television
    CBS Studios International
    Disney ABC Networks Group
    Endemol USA
    Fox Broadcasting
    Fox TV Studios
    Fox Sports
    Lionsgate Television
    Magical Elves
    Shine/Reveille International
    Sony Pictures Television International
    ...and over two hundred others.

    Many of the executives at those companies are not just development executives, but Sr. VP's, EP's, Heads of Divisions, and other top brass.

    The first project that was ever sold from the TV Writers Vault was picked up by the Sr. VP of Alternative Programming for Fox TV Studios who made a legitimate option deal with the creator of the concept, mediated by the TV Writers Vault. We've also seen the head of alternative for ICM join. Since we take no financial participation in any project sales, it is more than fair to charge a fee for use of our venue to market projects, and most writers tell me its a lot cheaper than pounding the pavement trying to land an Agent, and often more effective.

    Its natural to face some scrutiny when you're operating against the grain in an industry that is by nature very insulated in process. But the fact that I have top executives that I'm in communication with regularly, expressing gratitude for developing a simple and safe tool for producers to reach out to idea people and new writers, proves to me that I don't need to please anyone else but them, and the writers who are bold enough to ignore the jaded negativity that tells them they can't gain exposure and deals by any method other than Agents.

    I'm very happy to continue introducing new talent and concepts to the industry, and further develop the TV Writers Vault with the guidance and collaboration of the industry itself. I'm also very happy to have people directed to our site from forums such as this, and discover for themselves the opportunities and guidance that we provide.

    Here's a few updates on what's happening at the site, and some current press:
    Current Companies
    Entrepreneur Magazine Article
    Los Angeles Business Journal

    If you have any specific and productive questions related to actual business, I'm happy to answer. Just email me at the site.

    I will not respond to this thread any more. Too much business to take care of, and I'd rather spend my energy helping new writers not get bogged down in negativity. Take a read below of just a few recent testimonials from people who have used the TV Writers Vault.


    Scott Manville

    TV Writers Vault / Scott Manville - Positive Testimonials:
    "I hired Scott Manville in May of 2009 to help develop an idea for a half-hour cable reality series I was pitching at the TV Writers Vault. The process took roughly a month to complete, and by the end of July 2009 I had a Production Company pick up the idea and schedule a pilot shoot! I must say I was very impressed with Scott's knowledge, understanding, and professionalism. In pitching to several production companies, one even referred to him as a "Legend" in the business of development. Scott took my ideas and research and compacted it into a top caliber concept that you will likely see on the networks soon!

    I've been in TV both on and off air for 10 years, and I can tell you that Scott works wonders for a reasonable amount of money. What the success of the concept comes down to is how revolutionary you idea is and your tenacity to get it picked up. If you are thinking about hiring Scott, those with faith and determination bring dreams to reality. If Scott helps you develop the concept and you don't aggressively follow through on marketing your idea to Production Companies, you WILL NOT succeed.

    For those of you who truly believe your idea is something people need and want to see, I highly recommend Scott Manville's services. He makes the process comfortable, detailed, and affordable. If you have the right attitude from there, the rest will be history!"

    Tim Tialdo
    TV Host/Producer

    "The Television Writers Vault has made a tremendous difference in my life as a Writer. So many doors have opened for me in my writing career that I can't even express how grateful I am. Scott Manville has been wonderful since day one. Every time I'd have a question, he would always get back to me with answers and took the time to explain things to me when I needed help.

    Since I've made contact with a production company (Kingfish Productions), my project is getting further along than I'd have even imagined. I owe it to TV Writers Vault! Thanks for everything Scott."

    Jenny Rowlett - Rockton, IL.

    "TV Writers Vault gave me the opportunity to see exactly what producers were looking for in a script. It was nice to have my projects reviewed in a protected platform. Scott was instrumental in introducing me to a producer who i'm now collaborating with on several projects. I have recommended to several people. Thanks Scott!"

    Shemane Nugent - Crawford, TX.


    "I would like to personally extend a heartfelt thank you to Scott Manville at The TV Writers Vault for streamlining his invaluable insight behind the convoluted, and often shrewd world called: Hollywood!

    The TV Writers Vault is the quintessential forum to showcase an up-and-coming writers true talents; writing! In a world filled with incessant droning about "poor customer service", I was refreshed to discover that Scott happens to be the exception to the rule. Point and case, he personally responded to all of my countless e-mails. Each response was accurate with regard to "industry" standards, candid, friendly, and ultimately priceless.

    My advice for any would-be could opt for going it alone, or you could make it easy on yourself by joining The Writers Vault! I'd say the answer is pretty simple!"

    Michael Sitler
    - TV Writers Vault Member

    "After developing a detailed project synopsis, my next challenge involved finding an avenue to pitch my proposal to Networks and Production Companies. Although I am a published Author, this genre is new to me, and the process of reaching Producers is quite different. I was thrilled to find the TV Writers Vault! The exposure, contacts, resources, and services are incredibly valuable for Writers who want to move their projects forward. Thank you TV Writers Vault for the opportunity to gauge interest in my project."

    Linda Wong - Published Author - Las Vegas, NV.
    "I have received more than 9 reviews of my submissions- which is great! The up-to-the-minute review of submissions provides writers the opportunity to see production companies reviewing their work. The Logline samples from various genres have also been helpful."

    Cheryl L. Bunkley - College Park, GA

    TV Writers Vault Member Sells Reality Show:

    "Your Service [The TV Writers Vault] is a very valuable asset for anyone involved in programming or production"
    Mr. Paul Gilbert
    Senior Vice President, International Formats
    CBS Studios International

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    Yet another drive-by posting by someone who wants to discuss things in "e-mail" or "privately" rather than letting their responses face scrutiny.


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    Yeah, we could play the bingo game with this one:

    * Never coming back to this thread!
    * This is just jaded negativity!
    * I'm going back to helping new writers now!

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    Scott, thanks for your post.

    I note that your Success Stories page lists just two projects that were optioned or sold as a result of a listing on your site. Is this the sum total of your site's successes, or are there more?

    - Victoria

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