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Thread: Introducing new user: Me!

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    Introducing new user: Me!


    I'm a Philadelphia area writer who is just recently trying to get back into writing.

    I got my MA in creative writing two years ago and have been working as a secretary since. I more or less gave up on my writing dreams until only a month or so ago.

    I wrote two unpaid articles for a small area arts newspaper. It was so much fun that I went out and got the Writer's Market 2004, which led me here.

    I look forward to being a participant here on these boards.

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    greetings, joy!

    we're overjoyed:jump :snoopy :clap to have you here... let me know if you need any info/explanation/help, ok?...

    love and hugs, maia

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    Re: greetings, joy!

    Wow, what instant gratification. I will. I have so many questions... I'm sure I'll pose them all.

    My first one is what is the liveliest board here?

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    Wrong Question--Beeeeep

    Try zeroing in on what interests you. What do you write? What turns you on? Where do you need the most help? What can you do--now or later--for others here?

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    The Liveliest Board?

    Welcome Joy!

    What is the liveliest board or thread? Sometimes that depends. “Humor and the “Office Party” threads tend to have their moments. The “Background Check” and “Take It outside the Board” threads can sometimes get quite heated and the “Novel Writing” thread gets the most posts I believe. I personally enjoy checking out the “Share Your Work” thread and the “Newbie” thread. Actually, at times an interesting discussion can creep up almost anywhere, so you might want to pick your favorites and check the others periodically just in case.

    Take Care,

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    Sailor Kenshin

    Re: The Liveliest Board?


    Go through that Writer's Market and just pick something to send out. Get your toes in the water!

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    if you do find a market that fits your work, ask here. Some of us might even have published there. And don't risk your toes, risk your body.


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