Can I submit a book for someone else?
The situation is this. Three years ago I was given a children's story by someone who had written it but didn't have the time to submit it himself.
Don't scoff. The person is Dr Peter Pritchard, who is the world's leading expert on turtles and their conservarion: Heroes of the World.
Peter, who is a friend of mine, had written the book as an educational story for children. It is set in Guyana and is a charming story about a little Amerindian girl and how she learns about turtles and why they they are endangered. The story needs work and I put it aside for the time being; actually, at th etime I thought it might work better as a documentary film for children. It's the book mentioned in the Time article above...

I never got around to it and I feel really guilty. I'm going to start work on it and as soon as I get back to England I'll post it on Share Your Work and see how it can be improved for publication; in the meantime, I'm wondering if it's OK for me to submit it to publishers, or if Peter will have to do it himself. Would also be grateful for any advice and leads.

On the other hand, because of Peter's credentials in may not be even worthwhile revising it. WHat do you think?