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Thread: Intro and need advice on what to charge for reprint!

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    Intro and need advice on what to charge for reprint!

    Ever since I wrote my first poem about Halloween in the second grade, I've been devoted to writing. Somewhere along the way I decided that I was foolish to think I could make my living doing it and gave up. Now I realized that writing is all I'm passionate about in life and am hell-bent on making it my life's work, one way or the other. I enjoy all kinds of writing, articles, essays, fiction, poetry.

    Recently I had an article published. :snoopy I was very excited to find a letter in the mail from someone who wants to publish a reprint of an article I wrote in a reference book. But since I am still new to this business I have no idea how to approach this person. They are in the UK, so contact will be by e-mail. They make no mention of payment but I feel like I should at least ask for something, any comments or
    ideas on how I should handle it?

    Thanks in advance!

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    aka eraser

    I'd write, thank them for their interest and ask what payment they had in mind. Your next response would depend on theirs.

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    sounds good to me...

    ... i'd follow aka's advice, if i were you... but first, you might want to google for 'magazine article reprint fees' or something like that... knowing what the going rate is, will help you to have the upper hand in the subsequent negotiation...

    ...writer's market probably has suggested amounts for this in their hard copy [book]... check it out in the library or take a peek at one in your nearest book store...

    congrats on being 'wanted'!!!:jump ... love and hugs, maia

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    Re: sounds good to me...

    Any of the stories I've had reprinted, the payment has been half of the orginal fee.

    Hope this helps.



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