Pelican Book Group (hope this is the right thread) is now accepting romance subs. Copied from the e-mail:

They are not interested in publishing a book that has been previously self published. They stress this point on their website more than once, as they evidently have to deal with this issue a lot. So please do not submit a previously published book to them.

Their website is aimed at readers, not writers, which is always a good sign. Although I did find their website a little hard to navigate.

Many authors have published multiple books with them, which is also a good sign. Their covers vary wildly in quality, some are excellent and others are very amateurish.

They respond through email exclusively, so make sure your spam filter does not block them. Also their response times have been generally reported as being rather quick, and almost always under 60 days.

All submissions must be made through their online submission form. They ask that you specify which imprint you are submitting to, so it is worth your time to research all the imprints before hand to ensure that you are querying the right editor. Their submission form is very thorough. You should make sure to spell check and edit all your written responses before submitting the form.

May you C-fic romancers' work find favor!