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Cruel? I was thinking more like pointless.
Sorry about that. It was a spur of the moment post before leaving for work. I had no clue exactly what I wanted to say, but I did want to immediately make some kind of warning about querying this publisher based on the past info listed. My bad.

These are facts:

1) Medallion Press is now Medallion Media Group. The three branches are for publishing, movies and music.
2) The business hook-up with IPG has had no major positive effect on distribution, from those authors I spoke to. In fact, the issue of dealing with backcover blurbs and the like became a nightmare.
3) Today, the publisher cut loose some of their long-standing authors with regards to their upcoming releases. The company is paying out the full advance, but will not be publishing the books. Authors are recieving ALL their rights back, including characters used in series.
4) Today, some authors who were to be published in mass market and hard cover were notified that the books will only come out in ebook. Lets just say, thats not going over well.
5) One author in particular was told that the company focus is switching to ebook, rather than print.

So there it is.