I got a crit back from a critter and he had replaced "shone" with "shined", as in "I shined my flashlight into the darkness" instead of "I shone my torch into the..."

Actually, he didn't replace torch, as I have decided to keep that word.

I assume shined is what you'd use in America, but it just sounds wrong to me. My narrator uses English-English so she would use torch and shone, so I decided to leave it that way. The thing is, though, I am submitting it to American agents. Does shone sound as wrong to you as shined does to me? Wil they fling my ms against the wall? My reasoning is if a US publishe wants to change it al to American usage so be it, but my MC has to write in her own voice as long as she is in my hands.
Do you say the sun shined or the sun shone?