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Welcome to the AbsoluteWrite Water Cooler! Please read The Newbie Guide To Absolute Write

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Thread: The Newbie Guide to Absolute Write

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    The Newbie Guide to Absolute Write

    **Please note: I don't own or run this site anymore. I'm still around and I'm still a moderator, but MacAllister Stone is the lady in charge.


    Hi new friends!

    We're glad to see you here. This forum can be a little overwhelming when you first show up, so I figured it was about time we did a real introductory post.

    First off, you have to register to post here. To do that, just go to .

    Once you've done that, you can fill out your profile and post here wherever you like. To start a new topic, visit any of the boards and click on the icon toward the upper left that says "New Thread." It looks like this:

    To respond to someone else's thread, just go all the way to the bottom and click "Post Reply," which looks like this:

    If you want to introduce yourself, we'd love that. Visit the Newbies board here and start a new thread and tell us who you are, what you write... whatever you like.

    There is one overriding rule on this board, and that is "Respect your fellow writers." We seriously hate drama and flame wars and all that nonsense that crops up on most Internet boards. If that's your bag, there are lots of other boards out there that are more rough and tumble.

    Don't get me wrong-- we're not all Donna Reed and Mr. Rogers, and we don't all sit around patting each other on the head all day. You'll find that there are some people here who are more "prickly" than others. Best I can say is that you should take whatever you can find of value here, and leave the rest behind. If someone irks you terribly, there's a simple solution: use your "Ignore" function.

    Where's that, you ask? Why, it's in the User CP (User Control Panel), a handy dandy thing with many functions. To get to the User CP, look up and to the left, in the blue bar. If you right-click it and click "open in new window," you can go there now and still keep this window open for directions. Got it? Okay, here's what's there:


    Your rep comments. If you haven't posted yet, you won't have any. But after a while, you probably will. On every post, you should see several little icons on the bottom left. One is a scale. That's the reputation scale. Anyone can click it and leave a comment. It's normally used to thank someone for a post, or say "LOL" (laughing out loud), or other short commentary that would clog up the thread. If people disapprove of something you wrote, they can leave you a negative comment, too.

    Edit Signature: Your signature, if you choose to have one, appears on every post you make. Here's what it says in the instructions: "(Please note: It's perfectly fine to link to your blog, personal site, book info, etc., but we're not too fond of it when people use this forum to try to attract traffic to other writers' forums. Thanks for your consideration.)"

    The other thing we're REALLY not fond of is big graphics. It slows down the site, eats up bandwidth (which makes it more expensive), and generally annoys the heck out of people. Honestly, this isn't the kind of board where people appreciate giant banners, photos of you and all your friends, a life-sized book cover, etc. on every post. Please keep the graphics to a minimum, or we'll remove them.

    Edit Email & Password: If your e-mail address changes, remember to update it here so we can contact you if needed. We've never sent out a mass mailing to the people on the boards. It's up to you whether or not to allow site members to e-mail you (through the board-- they don't see your e-mail address, just a form), but we'd appreciate it if you'd keep the address updated so the administrators can write you if need be. The other good reason to keep your e-mail current is that if you want to subscribe to a thread (to get notification of replies), get reminders for calendar events, or get an e-mail when you have new Private Messages on the board, the system needs to know where to send that mail!

    Passwords do sometimes go wonky for no good reason, where the board doesn't recognize someone and won't send a new password. If that happens to you, write to forums @ (remove the space) and ChunkyC can reset your password.

    Edit Profile: Here's where you can put in a bio, link, photo, and answer some silly questions.

    Edit Options: Here, you can decide to be invisible (mods can see through invisibility), turn off images if you're on dial-up and the pages load too slowly, choose whether or not to let people e-mail you, whether or not you want to get e-mail notification if someone sends you a private message, etc.

    Edit Avatar: When you first sign up, you can choose an avatar from our collection. Once you reach 50 posts, though, as long as your reputation score is still 10 or above (everyone starts with 10 points), you'll become a Super Member and be allowed to upload your own custom avatar. PLEASE NOTE: It takes the board a couple of hours to reset itself and realize that you've become a Super Member, so please don't worry if you're not immediately able to upload an avatar. Avatars must be no larger than 80 by 80 pixels for regular members. (Benefactors and mods get some extras; I'll tell you about that in a minute.)

    Edit Profile Picture: You can upload a picture of yourself here. People will see it when they click your username and go to your profile.

    Private Messages: All members get storage for up to 25 messages. Benefactors get 75.

    Subscribed Threads: When you post a message, you can choose to "subscribe" to that thread, which means you'll be notified whenever someone responds. You have a few options of how to be notified-- immediately by e-mail, once a day by e-mail, or just in a separate spot here on the site. You can "unsubscribe" from threads in that spot on your User CP, too.

    Event Reminders: If you see something on our calendar that's coming up and you want to be reminded of it before it happens, you can ask for a reminder to be sent to you.

    Paid Subscriptions: This is what you use if you want to become a Benefactor Member. In short, it costs us several hundreds of dollars a month just to host this website (not counting salaries, writer payments, newsletter hosting, etc.), and we're usually just getting by each month. If you can afford to contribute toward the cost of the boards, we'd really appreciate it. Becoming a "benefactor" has some benefits, too-- if you haven't made it to 50 posts yet, you can skip ahead and upload your custom avatar and user title. If you have, you'll get extra mailbox space (75 PMs instead of 25), the ability to attach photos, larger avatars and profile photos, an ability to add things to the calendar, and more.

    Buddy / Ignore Lists: The Buddy Lists don't really mean anything. Maybe it shows a little icon next to your buddies' names when they're online... I don't even know. The Ignore list is useful for when you've encountered someone you just don't ever want to hear from again. There's no need to announce it, just quietly stick that person on "Ignore" and you won't ever have to trip over his or her posts again.

    Attachments: If you've been able to upload attachments (pictures or documents), you can take them down later here.

    More in a moment...
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    Mods, Supermods, and Admins

    There are three administrators on this board: MacAllister, ChunkyC (Charlie), and Fahim. Mac owns the site, Charlie is the "second in command," and Fahim is the tech genius.

    Why you'd contact them: If you need to change your username or password, if there's some kind of emergency, if there's a technical error.

    Then there are the supermods: Dawno, Birol (Lori), awatkins (Anne), aka eraser (Frank), rtilryarms (Mike), Poetinahat and me.

    Why you'd contact them: If you have concerns about a member who's being inappropriate or abusive, if you have questions about the board in general, if you have a complaint about another moderator, if you think a thread needs to be moved, to say something nice (maybe?).

    Then there are the board moderators, whose names you'll see in the right column of each board.

    Why you'd contact them: If you want to check if something is appropriate to post, if you want to report spam or offensive material on their board, if you have a suggestion for the board, if you misspelled something in the title of your post (you won't be able to edit it yourself), to say something nice (possibly?).

    Please note that there's a difference between abusiveness and lack of tact. If you're having a conflict with another member, moderators will intervene if someone is personally attacking you, name-calling, etc. They probably won't intervene if someone has said something that hurts your feelings because it's "harsh" advice, a tough critique, or a differing opinion expressed strongly.

    Sometimes good advice isn't delivered with a hug and a cupcake. Sometimes it's the advice that stings at first that becomes the most useful. I say that not to excuse anyone for rudeness, but just to offer a thought on the matter.

    All of the moderators and supermoderators here are volunteers. They are also active members of the community who love this place a lot. I hope you'll find that they're the coolest mods on the Internet. If you have a question about the boards, don't feel shy; they're friendly people who'll be happy to help you.

    More soon...
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    Icons and titles and things

    You'll find some weird aconyms and jargon around here-- stuff like BIC, NEPAT, and WPR. To find out what they mean, try the Absolute Write Dictionary.

    There's also the FAQ section here: , which answers basic questions about how the board functions.

    Then there's CathyC's post, which I'm taking the liberty to paste here, which explains more about what you'll see in the threads:

    Next on our tour, if you'll look to the left, you'll notice...
    Hi, new members!

    I just noticed on the main page that we've recently acquired a lot of new people. Some of you may be former guests, or might be brand new. I thought I'd mention a couple of cool features that you've probably seen, but don't know what they are. If you look to the left of this post, you'll see my profile information. Here's what all that stuff means:

    Cathy C- This is the person's username. If you click on the name, you'll find a drop-down menu that allows you to visit the person's profile, send them an email or a Private Message (PM). You can also link to that person's website home page if it's not listed in their signature block, or find more posts that person has written on other threads.

    Mod Squad Member who dances with goats - This is what's known as your "User Title". If you go up to the top of the page, to the left, you'll find a link to User CP. This is your own personal page. In the Optional Information, you can pick a few words to insert that describes you or says something fun about you. (just keep it clean!)

    Absolute Sage - This is what is known as a "User Group". Some of these are assigned by the number of post counts you have. You'll start out an "Esteemed New Member". Once you have posted 50 times, you'll become a "Super Member", and so on. Other groups are assigned by the moderators. "Mod Squad Member" means the person is responsible for one or more boards on the forum. You can contact that person (listed to the right on the main board) if you have any questions about their board, want to report something good (or bad), etc. "Super Moderator" means that they can do their magic in any board. "Absolute Sage" means that the owners of the board and other moderators have voted to consider the advice that person gives about writing and the publishing industry to be sound. While that doesn't mean that ONLY Absolute Sages can be trusted to offer good advice (because there are plenty of great advice givers here), these people haven't so far steered anyone wrong. "Runs the Joint" means just that. They're the boss that the rest of us answer to...

    - This is called an avatar. After you've posted more than 50 times, you'll be allowed to upload your own picture. Until then, select one of many from the built-in set.

    Join Date: Jun 2005 - This is pretty self-explanatory. This is when the person joined.

    Location: Texas Hill Country - Some people will tell you where they're from. Others won't. Don't hold it against them if they want to stay hidden. It's no reflection on their advice.

    Posts: 1,891 - This is how you tell how many posts you've written or others have written. When you reach 50 Posts, you're entitled to some extra goodies. We like to encourage people to stick around.

    The line below the Post Count is HIDDEN. This feature of the board is what are called "reputations." If you put the VERY tip of your cursor arrow below the "P" in "Posts" (the "Posts: 1,891" line) as though there was another line of text (which there is), and hold it still for a second, you'll discover a pop-up box that tells you what other people think of that person. Now, you have to have Java initialized in your system to see this, since it's a pop-up, and you might have to move around the cursor a little to find it. The phrase you'll see is based on points earned by the person for useful advice, making someone laugh or making them think. I'll tell you how to do that in a minute. To find out the "rankings" for reputation points, you can go here:

    Now, drop down to the bottom of the box to the left, and you'll notice three symbols that are a little hard to identify. These are, in turn:

    - Online/Offline. Green means the person is online at this moment. Dark means they are either offline or have chosen to remain "invisible." These are often called "lurkers". They're perfectly normal, and not dangerous, so ignore the people standing in the shadows as you wander the building.

    This is where you can click to add to someone's reputation if you like a post they've written. You'll get a pop-up box to make a comment if you want, or you can leave it blank. General members can leave one point. Moderators can leave two points at a time, and the owners can leave ten points. You start out with ten points.

    Finally, is this:
    This is used to report a BAD post. Now, that DOES NOT mean a post you don't happen to like, or the opinion bothered you. Using this means you think the person has been unconscionably rude, or has broken one of the board's rules.

    There are also a couple of threads that you'll find INVALUABLE! One is our "Index to Agents, Publishers & Others" on the Bewares & Backgrounds board. This is an alphabetical list of every company or person that has been discussed on this forum. Before you make a new post about a company you have a question about, take a moment to look to see if they've already been discussed.

    There are also "sticky" posts on the main page of EVERY board here with useful information about formatting manuscripts, writing lessons, learning genres, software FAQ, etc. If we think people will benefit, we'll sticky the information so it's easily found.

    Finally, please remember to say "Please" and "Thank You." I can't stress this enough! People here are very helpful and often spend an extraordinary amount of time to do critiques and offer helpful comments when new people post samples of their work. Make sure you stop back to any thread you start and acknowledge the time people have taken with a quick thank you. Even if you don't AGREE with the advice, the person deserves an acknowledgment merely for the time they spent. (And also, if you don't stop back, we'll wonder if you ever SAW the responses. People here worry when posters disappear without a trace... )

    So, now you know all sorts of things about how to have fun here at AW. Enjoy your stay!
    Cathy Clamp
    Moon's Web, 2005 Best Werewolf Romance, RT BOOKreviews magazine
    Touch of Evil, USA TODAY Bestseller!
    Visit our: Website, or AW Library!
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    Etiquette Stuff

    So then we get to the etiquette questions.

    RESEARCH: One way to make a bad first impression is to expect people to do basic research for you, particularly in the Bewares & Background Check board. Honest to Zeus, sometimes people come over and ask if anyone's heard of Simon & Schuster, or provide us with a list of 50 agents and want to know who's good, or ask us to tell them which agents represent thrillers.

    We expect you to do a basic Google search before asking us for help. In other words, if you came across an agent named Norma Morton and you're considering sending her a query, the first thing to do is to go to Google and type in "Norma Morton." AFTER that, you can ask whatever you like.

    ASKING FOR RECOMMENDATIONS FOR AGENTS/PUBLISHERS: Please don't ask us to refer specific agents or publishers. That's part of your writerly homework. To learn which publishers publish work like yours, go to a real live bookstore and open the covers of books that are in your genre/subject matter, and write down the names of the publishers. When you get home, Google those publishers and check for submission guidelines on their websites. Most publishers DO have a "submissions" or "contact" link somewhere that will tell you whether or not they consider unsolicited queries (or proposals, or manuscripts). To find agents who rep work like yours, read the acknowledgments pages of books like yours, and Google the agents who are mentioned. Go to for a well-vetted agent directory. Watch for listings of agents who've repped recent deals.

    THE BEWARES INDEX: On the Bewares Board, you MUST MUST MUST use the index before you post a new thread. Chances are high that the agent/publisher/service you want to ask about has already been discussed. CaoPaux goes through a lot of trouble to maintain that index. You are NOT allowed to start a new thread on someone who is already in the index; post at the end of the thread that already exists and that'll bring it right back to the top. People will see it, I promise.

    FIGHTS FROM OTHER FORUMS: Don't bring them here. Period. We don't want to hear about them. We're supremely not interested. We also really don't want you to slam other forums here, even if you think you're doing it to compliment us ("Wow, this place is so much better than that *other* place that had terrible moderators and stupid people"). We're not in any competitions with other forums.

    ADVERTISING: If your post is meant to promote your site, your new book, your course, your editing service, your blog, your writing contest, etc., there is ONE PLACE you can post it-- here, on the Announcements, Events, and Self-Promotion board. Thinly-veiled advertisements count, too. The members here will see right through you, I promise.

    POSTING THE SAME MESSAGE ON MORE THAN ONE BOARD: Bad. Bad, bad, bad. Pick ONE board, and post it. If you think it just plain NEEDS to be cross-posted somewhere else, send a PM to a supermod and ask. This one can get you banned for spamming. People really do read all the boards here, and it's extremely rare for there to be any solid reason something needs to be posted twice.

    QUOTING ENTIRE MESSAGES: If you want to show what you're responding to, you can use the "quote" function. However, unless the original message is about a sentence long, PLEASE TRIM DOWN the parts between the [ QUOTE ] and [ /QUOTE ] tags. We don't need to read the same post we already read. Just quote the relevant line or two if you need to show what you're responding to, and erase the rest of it.

    GO EASY ON THE PICTURES: It slows down the site and uses up our bandwidth, so please don't post pictures (especially large or animated ones) just for the heck of it.

    ON DIVERSITY: We do discuss religion here, and politics, and other tricky issues. The key to these discussions, if they're to remain civil (and unlocked) is to avoid proselytizing, and avoid expressing beliefs that any particular groups of people are "going to Hell," stupid, lesser than you, not right with God, etc. No holy wars, please-- and no putting people down for having faith, either.

    You will have actual encounters here with real live gay people, transsexuals, transvestites, people who've had abortions, people whose kids are circumsized, atheists, Born-Again Christians, ministers, Wiccans, nudists, people with disabilities ranging from deafness to paralysis, people who love George Bush, vegans, people of all races and from all over the world, virgins, alcoholics, swingers, and everything in between. And the shocking part is that we usually get along really well. Just try to keep in mind that the people here are NOT the same people you see in church or on your block, and that the things you may say normally around people with your same beliefs and lifestyles may not fly well here.

    Here are a few words we really don't like to see used as insults around here: retarded, gay, hick, witch. Get what I mean?

    SHARING YOUR WORK: You are welcome to post your work for critique on the Share Your Work board and on the Poetry board. (Password for Share Your Work is vista.) Please remember to return to your threads to say thank you to the people who took the time to help you. And don't let it become a one-way street; we need more active critiquers. It's okay if you're not so experienced; your opinions as a reader are still valid.

    When you critique, it's not appropriate to insult the writer, but entirely appropriate to "tear apart" the work in the context of pointing our what works and what doesn't so the writer can improve. Keep that in mind when you read your own critiques; people bothered to read and comment because they want to help, even if it comes out harshly sometimes. Take what's useful, leave the rest behind. Say thank you to everyone.

    THREAD 'OWNERSHIP': Sometimes people think that because they started a thread, they get to tell people what to post in it. In other words, if people go off on tangents or say things the original poster doesn't like, the original poster will say, "This is my thread... go start your own" or something. That's not appropriate. It's also not appropriate to tell the moderators to delete a thread you started because you don't like the answers you're getting or the way it's turning out. You're free to delete your own posts, but not entire threads. A moderator has to do that, and it's unusual to delete a thread for offensiveness (more common to close them if they've worn out their usefulness).

    If there's a reason you need to have a thread deleted (for example, if you posted work in the Share Your Work area and now want to submit it for publication), just ask the moderator of that board.

    DO WE EXPECT PERFECTION? People sometimes worry about the grammar and spelling police around here. Truth is that we're not too uptight at all. We all know that message board posts are not finished manuscripts. We all make typos and grammatical errors from time to time. So, no, don't worry about running everything through spellcheck and proofreading ten times before hitting "submit" unless that's natural for you. But also be aware that this IS a writers' board, and we do respect the English language here. If your posts are full of errors, written in "leet speak," written like a "luv note 2 mi bff 4eva," lacking in punctuation, etc., we're probably going to get tired of that pretty fast. Treat your language well if you want to be called a writer.

    POSTING COPYRIGHTED ARTICLES: Please don't post articles from newspapers/mags/e-zines here without permission from the writer or publication. Instead, quote the first few lines and then provide a link, and we'll be glad to follow it if we're interested.

    POSTING PRIVATE MESSAGES: Please don't post PMs or rep comments publicly. They are not meant to be shared with the board. If you feel someone has been abusive to you in a private message or rep comment, please forward it to a moderator.

    SEXUAL HARRASSMENT is NOT tolerated here! If someone is making you feel uncomfortable by PMs, e-mails, chat, or on the boards, please tell a mod. This has rarely been a problem here, but has cropped up from time to time when a member has made inappropriate sexual remarks, asked for private critiques of erotic or porn writing, attempted to steer chat room conversations into... uncomfortable directions, pressed members for personal info about their appearance or sexual preferences, etc. We may take action ranging from talking to the person about borderline behavior to permanent banning (or even reporting to proper authorities if we suspect illegal activity such as soliciting a minor or stalking), depending on the situation. Please do forward PMs that you feel are inappropriate, and let us know how you'd prefer for us to intervene.
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    Then a giant spider came and siphoned all the fuel out of a jumbo jet, and the jumbo jet had to land on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean, and Adam Sandler was the pilot. Or the ship's admiral. I forget which. But don't forget the giant fuel-filled spider. Also, there were Ninjas. On the plane. Aiming their Ninja stars at the giant spider. In slow-motion.
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    HEY BOB, HOW'S YOUR DOG? Please don't start threads that are really just directed at one or two people. If you *mean* for the whole community to comment, that's OK every now and then, but if a message could go into a PM, it probably should go into a PM.

    THIS IS A WRITERS' BOARD, first and foremost. We expect that if you're here, you're interested in discussing writing. If all you really want to do is talk politics, religion, and movie stars' boobs, there are about a quazillion other forums out there on the Interweb that are better suited for this. Please make an effort to hang out on the writing boards, not just Office Party and TIO.

    HANGING OUT WITH THE LOCALS. A few times, we've had groups of people show up from boards that have closed down, changed directions, etc. Most of the time, they wind up integrating themselves in the community just fine. But sometimes, they tend to stick to the same group from the previous board, carry on the same in-jokes, pay no attention to the tone or atmosphere here, and attempt to re-create this place into whatever it was they had before. We're happy being Absolute Write. We have our own flavor that we hope you'll get to know. It makes some of us feel weirdly excluded from our own "home base" when people carry on with their old groups as if we're not even here. We've also had older members leave because they felt like the atmosphere had changed too much; that's something we want to avoid.

    CRUELTY IN THE NAME OF HUMOR doesn't fly here. Back to the "diversity" thing for a minute, we've had problems here with people who make "jokes" about gay people, overweight people, disabled people, etc. Regardless of how much back-slapping you think you'll get for it, these jokes are not welcome here. It's just not that kind of atmosphere.

    PUT WARNINGS IN YOUR TITLES if you're posting something that could be disturbing to people. If you're describing something gross or shocking, please give some kind of indication in the title (like, "Warning: Graphic discussion of child abuse" or "Holocaust images included").

    REP POINTS ARE NOT FOR REVENGE or because you don't like someone or disagree with an opinion. Use positive reps however you like. Use negative reps only when you believe someone has crossed the line and posted something hurtful, inappropriate, disturbingly wrong, etc.

    MOD DECISIONS ARE NOT MEANT FOR PUBLIC ARGUMENT. If we make a decision to close a thread, or create a sub-board, or ban someone, or any number of other decisions, it's tremendously irritating to have people start threads debating the merits of our decisions, or restarting a topic we've just closed. If you have a problem with something we've done, PM a mod and we'll be glad to talk about it. Understand that much of the time, decisions are made not only based on things you see on the public boards, but on things you don't see-- PMs, rep comments, e-mails, IP addresses, etc. Sometimes, we don't reveal these things because we don't want to humiliate people; other times we just don't feel like getting into arguments about it; other times, it's a genuine privacy issue that we wouldn't reveal.

    I am no longer here. If you'd like to visit me, please find me at or on Facebook. Thanks!

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    Jenna's Pet Peeve

    My latest pet peeve is this: people keep referring to AW as a blog. ("I found this blog while searching for Agency Z...") It is NOT A BLOG. It has never been a blog.

    Call it a message board, a forum, a bulletin board, whatever-- but it isn't a blog! That's a wholly different animal. AW existed before the word "blog" was coined.

    Phew. Thanks.
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    Out on a limb
    ON LANGUAGE - You might notice that this board doesn't currently **** out curse words. That's deliberate. This is a writer's board; we certainly should have the minimal control necessary over our own language to know how civilized adults speak in public. We strongly urge you to use that knowledge and control.

    Different rooms may have a slightly different tolerance level for salty language. If in doubt, choose a different word. Otherwise, prepare yourself to have your post deleted, or to be asked to edit yourself.

    Our intention in turning off the profanity censor was never to make profanity more widely exploited. Quite the opposite: the intention was to throw the onus of responsibility for your language back into your very own laps.

    When and if you choose to curse, please consider your words and choose them deliberately and with great care. Excruciating care, in fact. There may well be that rare occasion when a carefully chosen curse word is both effective and appropriate.

    Please don't attempt to exploit that.
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