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Thread: [Agent] Victoria Sanders & Associates, LLC

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    There wasn't a 'specific agent' being targeted, as the question posed was 'either' 'or'. It is not relevant to just one of their threads and should not have been moved.

    Quote Originally Posted by CaoPaux View Post
    Please keep questions to an agent's specific thread. I've merged your question into Ms. Sanders'. Please consult the Index for Jenny Bent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBrickell View Post
    Thoughts on these two agents? Clearly, they're both reputable and spectacular.

    If you had offers from each of them, which would you go with and why?
    Without more information, I can't say. It would depend on the category and genre of the manuscript I was querying (and the types of projects I planned to write in the future). It would also depend on their editorial suggestions, how enthusiastic they seemed about my writing, and what their clients had to say about them (among other things).

    Sorry not to be more helpful!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LBrickell View Post
    There wasn't a 'specific agent' being targeted, as the question posed was 'either' 'or'. It is not relevant to just one of their threads and should not have been moved.
    If you want folks' opinions of a particular agent, the place to find those is in the particular agent's thread. If the existing posts are insufficient, then ask for more; mindful, as Krista suggests, that the more detail you provide re: manuscript and/or offer will result in more relevant answers.

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    Chris Kepner has launched The Kepner Agency, after nine years with Victoria Sanders & Associates as an agent and director of international rights.

    Running On Empty available now.

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    Has anyone had any recent experiences with Ms. Bernadette Baker-Baughman?

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