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Thread: Trump and Bannon Divorce Gets Ugly! Won't Someone Think of Children?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kjbartolotta View Post
    It's been a crazy morning, I've agreed with Bannon about Trump and then Trump about Bannon. The amount of 11-dimensional chess going on right now is astonishing.
    Yeah, I couldn't disagree with what Trump is saying about Bannon, nor with the things Bannon is saying about Trump. What's amusing is everything Trump said about Bannon in those statements are equally true of himself. All the adages about glass houses, twisted mirrors, and stopped clocks (being right twice a day) come to mind.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaiser-Kun View Post
    Ever heard the tale of the Frog and the Scorpion?
    Yes, but in this case, who gave whom a ride across the river, and who stung whom after they landed?

    What I'm wondering, though, is what Bannon thinks will come out of this besides money from his book. I had him pegged for a true believer in his anti-Enlightenment, Christian-apologist, anti-globalization, white-supremacist worldview, and in the short term, this will divide the movement and make it easier for the Democrats to take back Congress.

    Bannon is many horrible things, but unlike Trump, one of them isn't stupid. Why does he think this will advance his goals long term?
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