Bannon's been 'unchained' for some time now, ultimately I wonder what his aim is. I assume he's as racist, sexist, authoritarian, and drunk as he often seems, but it's hard to ascribe actual values to this man (whereas Trump believes in nothing, but also himself). Bannon's goal seems simply to stir the pot and assuage his ego by appearing as some kind of Machiavellian genius, I think as he becomes more irrelevant he's going to lash out more and try to gravely predict the Trump admin's doom. Not that's he's wrong, but I doubt this peanut knows as much as he appears to, seems like he's avoided the tangled web the 'sane ones' seem to be caught in, and I suspect that's because the inner circle didn't want to play with him. Plus, as much as I love it, I should point out that both Trump and Bannon get off on this nonsense, and the kayfabe is obvious.