Great news!

You're not a client (yet!) so not first priority for her, but you're still on her radar and want to stay there, so don't wait a huge amount of time. Two weeks definitely is nothing, so maybe wait another 3-4 weeks or so and then nudge if you need to.

She may want to see what you're like when revising, which is a good sign. But when you do get the critique, take your time processing it. Think long and hard about how radical a revision you'd be willing to do for an R&R. Maybe the critique won't ask you to do anything drastic, but in case it does, just consider carefully what is truly right for you. When I was in a similar position, I was honest with the agent and said I needed the commitment of a contract before I undertook such a big revision. I was lucky she was okay with that; if I'd been more timid, I might've ended up with an R&R instead of a contract. If you schedule a call with this agent (and even if you don't), do be honest about what you need and how you want to work, since this may be the person you work with for years to come.

Good luck!