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Thread: Must you use epub for ibooks and mobi for kindle

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajenery View Post
    the resulting pdfs look exactly how I want them to look, so I want my ebooks to have the same formatting as the pdfs. So if both iBooks and amazon compatible devices can open/read pdfs (which they can), why can't one just stick with pdfs?
    Because people read their iBooks and Kindle content on screens of many different sizes, in a great variety of environments and constraints, and providing a pdf gives you absolutely no idea what the file will look like on their screens or how readable it will be for your readers. (Typically, a pdf will look like shit, and probably like shit of an entirely inappropriate size.) Trying to read a pdf on a Kindle is an exercise in frustration and rage! And really, the point of ebooks is to make your text accessible to your readers in a way that THEY control. If you want to control the appearance of your work, stick to print.

    Pdf ebooks? Just, don't.

    To create ebooks in appropriate formats, just download Calibre (it's free!) and go to town.
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