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Thread: A derail with an abundance of misunderstanding regarding sex, gender, and culture

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    It *is* important enough to argue about... but that doesn't mean we should do so on this particular thread. Besides, if you were capable of being convinced, you would already share my opinion; this is true for the vast majority of disagreements. It comes down to overarchign perspective which is nearly impossible to shift.

    For me, it just goes into the same category as the guy on the SF board who felt women are incapable of writing violence well; the same baseline premises are at play in both arguments.

    People differ. As individuals, and as cultures. I don't buy into men being more or less uniformly different to women. I don't think it's good science, I don't think it's good psychology. The concept of masculinity means different things depending on when/where you're from, nevermind what it might mean to 'you' specifically.

    It's also highly unlikely to be relevant as a pov in a number of SFF settings because, even assuming your characters are human, even assuming we're culturally uniform... societies evolve and aesthetics change. Are the males presented in 'Son of Man' good representations of masculinity? The book is written by a man, so presumably it meets your ground level criterion, but the 'humans' in it bear little resemblance to the modern variety.
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