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Thread: A derail with an abundance of misunderstanding regarding sex, gender, and culture

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    Quote Originally Posted by indianroads View Post
    I have my wife read selected chapters here and there as I write the first draft. It's always to see if I get the female pov and verbal cadence correct. When she's done I ask her, what was the female character thinking / feeling? Often my male character doesn't know all the motives/meaning etc behind the female character's words and actions (he's just observing).

    IMO female authors who write a male MC almost always get it wrong, or don't go deep enough to see motivations etc. My wife tells me that male authors that write female character are just as bad.
    Look, dude, unless you're writing something like: "Susan pauses on the way out, as she always does, in front of the mirror, taking time to take in her very female looks. Namely her boobs. The swell of them, the roundness, the pertness. She weighs them in her hands, then stops to consider her uterus. Very uterus-y. She's about to sashay out the door (her vagina makes it impossible to walk without sashaying) when aforementioned uterus starts to cramp. Oh no. PMS has struck! Mascara-tinged tears flow down her cheeks. How will she EVER get through the day??" you are probably fine. But I guess we should all be grateful that you can rely on the opinion of one individual to tell you how the other half of the world's population think and feel.

    Quote Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post
    For a first book, I think it's important to write by yourself and finish almost in isolation. Opinions will vary!
    Personally, I'm very glad I finished my first novel on my own too.

    Subsequent novels have been brainstormed and sent in chunks to various beta readers, but as a general rule, I don't subject my readers to the entire first draft. I write quickly and sloppily, so my first drafts are usually a huge mess, complete with gaping plot holes and grammatical and spelling errors (English isn't my first language). But I have beta-read other people's first drafts which are so much more polished than my third or fourth draft, so meh, I guess I don't really have anything against it.
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