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Thread: If youíve never been through it...

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    If youíve never been through it...

    Some say Iíd you have never experienced something firsthand you shouldnít write about it. Or if you canít imagine yourself in that position donít write about it.

    Well that would make for boring writing/reading material imo.

    Or if youíre writing about a disability and you donít have a disability you should say so if youíre thinking about publication.( I found someone online actually said this when looking up writing characters with disabilities.) >_>

    If youíre not gay donít write about a gay character. If you have never had depression donít write a character with depression. My MC is an amputee; I am not. Guess I am screwed then. -_-

    Regarding issues like this (those listed and others.)I guess interviewing people, medical professionals, etc doesnít matter because youíre going to anger someone because if youíve never been through it youíve no right to write about it.

    I disagree. This has been bothering me. And Iíve read many books written by authors who have not gone difficult through difficult things theyíre writing about (as far as I know) who handle the subject they write about well.
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