Cobalt Jane - I've read The Other Boleyn Girl as I read a lot of history and historical fiction. I found it interesting as I knew nothing about her, though I prefer the confusing Plantagenets to the done-to-death Tudors (no pun intended). Have you read anything by Gregory before? I find her first-person present narrative annoying, and I'm not sure she always gets her facts right, but she's a good introduction to historical characters and she certainly brings them to life.

Siri - I really hope you enjoy Light between Oceans. It poses interesting moral dilemmas. I'm also interested in your views on the books by Louise Erdrich and Toni Morrison, as I've read stuff by them, but not those two books.

Chris - I laughed at your comment about feeling 'unschooled'! I could say the same about your choices or everyone elses's. Our reading tastes cover different spheres, reflecting our different ages, backgrounds, interests, etc., which is what makes this challenge fun. I've read a lot by Rushdie, but not the book you've chosen, so I look forward to your review. I only recognise about five of your other authors.

BD - Welcome! I hope your posting here inspires you to achieve your reading goals. Good luck!