Interesting selections, oneblindmouse! I feel unschooled because I've not even heard of any of your books. I look forward to your input.

I've finished one of my selections already: The Book of Mormon by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone. I'd seen posters for it when it played in DC, and people said it was funny. However, I didn't connect that it was by the South Park folks until after I'd selected it for the challenge. Knowing this, it's basically a South Park episode: amusing enough set up, then an overblown assortment of over-the-top characters who are so stereotypically cardboard cut outs as to border on (or even cross into) the offensive, which I think makes the point that all over-the-top cardboard-cutout stereotypes are by nature offensive, followed by a trite monologue by the hero to say that all of us were right all along and really do agree with each other if we'd only admit it to ourselves. I'm okay with irreverence particularly when it makes a point, but South Park really isn't my thing. It taking place in Uganda, where I lived for two years, didn't improve it. 2 Stars.