Cobalt Jade, let me know what you think of Twilight if you go that route. I read about the first 100 pages, then the movie came out and once I see the movie I have no desire to read the book any more. I keep picturing the actors while reading and it pulls me out of the story. It was light and fun. The Host had the potential to be a much stronger book, although I gave up on it at the halfway point when I got bored (I didn't think she was ever getting out of that cave, and the plotline that interested me--the narrator's back and forth with the host body's identity--had faded out by that point).

Siri, wow, that's quite some list! I really need a reading buddy for anything Shakespeare, and Dante's Inferno was fascinating but made all the more so by the footnotes in the edition I read that explained who the people were. Outside of The Divine Comedy, I know nothing about his other works.

Thanks for participating and I look forward to hearing what you think of your books!