Day 3 - 332 words a'writed. The month is burning, gotta get to writing! Carpe verbem!

Discodowney - Welcome! 500 words a day is an absolutely fantastic goal. It may not seem like much on any given day, but if you can maintain that pace those words really do add up quick. Obviously 1000 words per day makes them add up twice as fast, so congrats there.

D.L. - Actually there was a period between Christmas and New Years where I was afraid my plot bunnies might've all died under the bed with their dust cousins. The ideas (the good ones, I mean) were just not coming. I'm planning to jump back into the project I just finished soonish. After I finish the SS thing. It needs a major overhaul so dragging my feet too long will just leave me where I was at the end of last year, you know? Congrats on YOUR 550 words!

Layla - Look at you, knocking your goals down like a superstar. (Double-plus points for going out. On your bike. In the cold.)

Oneblindmouse - Sure, you can totally count those words. Apparently I'm the only one who didn't make the 500+ club today!