reeness, ptero - totes understand. Hope to see you when the well is full!
Welcome October, Willow, discodowney
Nice work Magnus - choices are hard - I always prefer it when the story just feeds you what you need to know - which happened exactly twice for me. (and one of the stories was only 400 words long)
Congrats on the work, mouse!
Welcome Maria
Esmae - sometimes we gotta clean the pipes first, to get the flow
DL - congrats on the 500

Day 2: 20 lines in two WIPs; emailed 3 housemate candidates (one wrote back) and ran errands (in the COLD on my bike - gotta bundle up good); got back to the job letter, and then - I managed to get to some Javascript - and to start the design of the mobile version of my portfolio w00t!