Willow Bern: Good luck meeting all of your goals! I don't know the answer either, unfortunately. Maybe ask a moderator?

Magnus: Hey, sounds like you had a pretty good writing session. Nice way to start the month! I don't know about me sticking to it though. Last month I only managed about 6,000 words or so. The month before I wrote double! I really need to knuckle down more.

Pterofan: Glad you got everything worked out. Have fun with the editing!! I can't wait to get to that part myself. Maybe we'll see you in February.

oneblindmouse: Two hours of work is a nice session!

Hello Maria! This is a great place for procrastinators...I'm one of them too.

Esmae: It's *awesome* that you stuck it out and finished your last one in time to meet your goal! It must be fun to figure out what you want to write now. Lots of new shinys to choose from now, I bet! As for me, normally, I'd take a break before jumping in to the edits, but I wrote a really bare bones draft and I did kind of take a break for the holidays, so I'm going to roll my sleeves up and jump right in. But after my second draft is done, I'll probably set it aside for a bit before going through it again.

discodowney: Welcome aboard! You'd be surprised how those ~500 count days add up over time.

Today I managed 550+ words. Not too shabby, since I only had an hour to work on it. My goal is to finish this draft by Jan. 12th