Day 2 - Dumped the idea I was working on yesterday in favor of a new one. Wrote a whole page longhand of New Idea, then shifted it to Scrivener, then realized I needed to do some research and oops down the rabbit hole I went.

And ooooh so many people here now! It got so quiet by the end of the December thread I thought we might have to start burning pages from old WIPs to stay motivated. Let me see here...

Thereeness - Mental breaks are super important. It really is important to know when you need some time off, and when you're ready to get back in the saddle. I'm sure most of us will still be here when you get back!

OctoberLee - Those are solid goals. Good luck with them!

D.L. - Welcome back! You're so close to hitting The End! Are you going to jump straight into revisions, or fiddle with something else for a bit first? I'm perpetually curious about Other People's Processes, especially when the part of the process they're working on is the same one I'm stuck in. Which will be revisions soon enough...

Willow - Wow, those are some serious goals! I'm afraid I have no answers about that section of the forum though.

Magnus - Quality often trumps quantity. Especially in the revision phase.

Ptero - Aww, we'll miss you! But again, most of us will probably still be here in February.

Oneblindmouse - Busy day for you! That sounds like quite a bit to have gotten done in a relatively short time.

Maria - Welcome! I might have to contest you for the title of procrastination queen though. .... Eventually.