Magnus, long time no see! Welcome back, and thanks for the new thread!!

It's 2018, so I've got some long-term goals (finish this current WIP #2, finish editing other WIP #1) but since those are largely the same I'm going to do only a little refinement on my daily goals. I won't be able to achieve anything until after my family leaves on January 5, as it's taking all my free time each day to take them around the city, but once that rolls around, we are back in business!

Goal #1: Write 500 words per day.
Goal #2: Edit 5 pages per day.

Goal #2 may be a stretch, but I was managing it alright on the days I really committed, so it'll be one I have to work more for. Writing I can do in the train, but not editing.

Oneblindmouse and Jan, welcome to the thread! Esmae and Layla, good to see you again! Let's all do our best as 2018 starts.