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Thread: Back to writing and loving it

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    Back to writing and loving it

    Last August my goal was to crank out a first draft of novel 1 in eight weeks. I made it! I've since revised it 12 times and still have a long list of ongoing revisions to do, and am in QLH for the next phase of book 1. (stand alone, series potential, establish world and voice.)

    I've had it in my mind for a couple months that I need to start book 2 which follows the same pattern as most middle books of a trilogy, but I hadn't started it, not really. Until yesterday.

    For a little while, I knew that a secondary character in book 1 would be a primary character in book 2, and that she had feelings for a primary character in book 1.

    I wrote ~600 words last night and another 400 just now and I *realized* that the reason she had a relationship with that guy, in book 1, which happened between stories, between books 1 and 2 ... was *not* because of love, but because of her driving need - - her prime motivation which has more to do with (the world) than any silly ideas of romance.

    My god, I love this girl.

    I'm also writing in a new character who she does fall hard and fast for, and I am loving the reasons for it. For her emotions.

    So fun. I love my world. See y'all later. I'm in a galaxy far, far, far away
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