You're in the flow, Mrs.Smith! Ain't it great? You don't even have to paddle, you just sit back and enjoy the ride. It really is a magical feeling, like you're taking dictation and have no idea what's going to come out next.

My holiday WIP has slowed down, but still, I'm topping Chapter 7 and that's not too shabby for someone who's never made it through Chapter 1. I did go back and revise the prologue I posted on SYW, using the helpful recommendations I received there. I turned it into Chapter 1 and did some snipping and clarification. It's getting there!

I've promised myself that I will NOT go back to any of the other books in progress until this one is finished. I have a short attention span, and a very disorderly mind. Which leads me to procrastinating by sticking my nose into all kinds of interesting things that have nothing to do with the work in front of me. I tell myself I can't help it, but really? I can. It just won't be fun. Or easy.

But I want to get somewhere with this. I want to go as far as whatever skill I have will take me. Which means I have to be single-minded and stop goofing off!