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I've been told a good independent book publicist (i.e., working outside the publishing house) will set an author back $9,000-15,000.
Good publicists can be costly, but they will work to your budget and do their best to maximise the effects of their efforts bearing in mind the venues where your works are available. You can spend as little as 500 and get good results. But for many self publishers it's a toss-up between paying for things like editing and paying for a publicist, which makes it a difficult option to justify.

Fact is, most media outlets will not cover you without a strong local angle, because they are inundated with press releases about books. I don't count, but I would guess I get 20 to 50 per day.
I can imagine.

Publicists are at their most effective working on a book which has that unique angle. And their efforts bring the highest return to authors who have an extensive backlist, as the publicity doesn't only affect the book being publicised. (The same is true for being listed on a big book promotion, or being shortlisted for something like the Man-Booker prize.)