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Thread: Foxy Visitors (Warning: Large Photos!)

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    Other than the big bald patch on his right shoulder (hence his name), Patch is in very good shape. I used to think the patch was mange; now I'm thinking it may just be the remnants of an old injury, since he exhibits no other signs of mange. He and Kink are the only two I've been able to identify as males - I saw Patch lifting his leg to mark territory earlier today, and about a week back Kink obligingly sat out in the open in a rather coarse posture when I had binoculars handy.

    Between poor mangy Wisp, Hop the lame fox, and the new fox who visited the yard two nights ago (who was both lame and mangy), there's enough misery to go around. Seeing one with only three legs would make me wretched. On the other hand, there's Toby, my sister's three-legged dog, a rescue who is so energetic and agile that it's easy to forget he's a tripod.
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