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Thread: Superhumans?

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    We uncovered some important ideas in an earlier discussion about evolution. For one, human evolution is a spiral process, powered by a two-stroke engine. One half is the creation and use of tools, at first as simple as a stick or a stone. The more efficient tool users had more kids, eventually evolving the next rung in the evolutionary ladder.

    Or maybe an evolutionary STAIRCASE is a better metaphor.

    The next evolutionary advances could lead to superhumans. They'll come about by the usual process, but that takes thousands of years. Unless some agency intrudes. That might be aliens - which could lead to some fun stories!

    I'd guess the more likely agency is we ourselves. We've already been interfering with our future generations for millennia, with arranged marriages, marrying only in one's class or culture, and more recently via birth control and pre-natal testing and in some cultures by infanticide.

    Now we're seeing the very beginning of direct genetic interference, with changes which will be passed to our children. We're going to be pretty cautious about this, but no matter what global standards are set some countries are going to experiment beyond those standards.

    What are our superhumans going to be like? How will they come about? Will there be more than one type? We've already seen lots of stories about superhumans. I'm sure we'll see more - maybe from YOU!
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