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Thread: Alternating POV and story structure question.

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    I would also consider the significance of the beats - is there a purpose to mirroring them exactly? I have three timelines woven throughout my WIP, but only make a point of lining up beats between the timelines if it's HUGELY significant and I want the reader to have a direct compare/contrast of motivations for certain plot points, like these scenes MUST read back to back for maximum dramatic effect.

    I wouldn't consider matching beats perfectly - I would be more concerned with flow of story. I would only make a grueling effort to mirror them if it served a structural/aesthetic purpose. If mirroring beats forces your story to read unnaturally, by prolonging or forcing conflict that would otherwise flow more effectively without following that structure to a T, I wouldn't worry about it.

    It might be interesting, for example, if two separate POV characters are each on the hero's journey, but one makes a decision that aligns him "good" and one makes a decision that aligns him "evil." The juxtaposition of those turning points back-to-back could be interesting. I'm also assuming that would be pivotal to the story.
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