Hi Everyone, I hope you're all enjoying the festivities.

I just want to give a bit of background to my issue. I'm not a prolific writer like many of you guys. I've written one novel (70k) and over the past 3 years have picked it up, put it down (for various leigitimate reasons, new demanding jobs, laptops dying -but also- despondancy and laziness). I'm on about my 9th pass of the novel, each time I have improved the writing, learned about new issues (dialogue, filtering, building in emotional turning points etc) and diligently worked them into my work in a fairly linear manner, working through the manuscript from start to end. I do tend to focus more on my favourote chapters. I've used a couple of (brilliant) books for help, and had a fair few beta reads/novel swaps.

I'd like to learn more about fixing structural issues with the book -or- not even fixing but a way to really make the structure of the book work. Obviously the novel has its plot that I've stuck to. I pantsed the novel with an ending in mind and the original structure has remained the same, but what if it could be better? I know I have chapters I'm uncertain about but that serve a purpose, can I re work these? Shuffle them? Have I started my book in the right place?

Beta readers are amazing and I have implemented so many changes that have come from those swaps but I'm beginning to feel maybe I need to pick this novel appart.

I've read a bit about beat sheets but I find the prospect of writing these out for my whole novel daunting, and I am not certain what I'll really achieve. I write on word. I'm often terribly lazy. I'll more likely fiddle with the words on parts than do real work. (That's another issue I guess)

I feel now I have invested so much work on this book I can't even get properly into another, though I have started a couple. I know many of you, especially the prolific writers will probably balk at that. I guess I believe whatever happens with the story, if I can get it to a place I am really happy with, and then learn along the way it's all fine.

Sorry for a self indulgent post. I've written before and had members casually say things like 'there's always one book you need to chuck/ they're not all going places' etc. I get that, and for those of you that can produce mutliple novels this is all laughabale, guess I'm defending my stance on sticking with this one to the bitter end.