I read a blog this afternoon about how agents throw manuscripts in the trash, out the window, into the paper shredder, light them on fire, stomp all over them, use them for toilet paper, etc., if they see fantasy names with apostrophes. The reasoning was that any name containing an apostrophe automatically impedes the reader experience. What are your thoughts?

I ADMIT I have a total of... two names in my WIP with apostrophes.

I have seen total head-scratcher names like sdlkmweoiv'sevsdkjeoiv'efsvfnif. As a reader, if I see that, I'm buttoning up my nope coat to buy a nope ticket on the nope train to ride all the way back to the nope factory to make a fresh box of nopes.

But what about a name made of recognizable syllables, and two or three syllables at most, that happens to contain an apostrophe? I'm making this up on the fly, but what about a name like Mor'wick? I used to roleplay OLDSCHOOL in the 90s on different messageboards and I was always so enchanted by some of the names with apostrophes that other players came up with because they sounded so beautiful and magical. They were, most importantly, intelligible.

Not all hideously difficult names in existence automatically contain apostrophes, either.

Do some people automatically have a bias against names with apostrophes? If they do (regardless of the relative euphonics of the apostrophe'd name in question), would it be better to scrap all names containing apostrophes if it lowers your chances of being published?

Or is this just another instance of take every bit of advice with a grain of salt? (Not... uh... my usual 200 hours of panicked overanalysis. Is everyone used to me yet? )