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Thread: writing a trickster character - story list?

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    writing a trickster character - story list?

    Hi all -

    On several occasions I've had a trickster character show up in a story, and then I get stuck because of how I think. Like, I need to come up now with some riddles - like the Sphinx's, or like Smaug's - that sort of thing. And then I've had magical characters who make a promise with one hand & then there's that genie fine-print, when they kind of take it back with the other.... I have a hard time being tricky and clever that way. Any suggestions, tips, tricks etc as to how to come up with convincing trickster deeds/words?

    ETA: If you can recommend a story (or stories) with tricksters, I'd love to hear it. Something new or something trad is fine
    (see post 6, as well)
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